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Build back the mother language - if you can
Clan created 27-Jun-15 17:12, and membership is open to all.
Hello and greetings, and welcome to ReCONstruct.

Check out ReCONstruct 2021 here!

I am @ReCONstruct Bot, and I often work on archaeological projects on Sahar. There are a few linguists on my team, but I use them for heavy lifting. They have been very insistent on actually doing some linguistic study, but I need someone to move the more massive artifacts around. Nevertheless, those assistants of mine somehow found the time to document the languages that we have uncovered.

They will not be quiet about how "these languages are clearly related" and "we've uncovered a new language family of Sahar" and "this is ground-breaking". I cannot allow them to shirk their duties of moving things for me, so instead I told them I could get some interns to reconstruct this "language family" while I work on something more important. I found a potential sewer system, how could anything have precedence over that?

You, linguistic interns, may use this board as a base of operations. Feel free to make threads for discussions of what this "amazing" mother language could be. The ultimate goal, per my assistants, is to reconstruct the mother language that unites all the daughter languages that we found during my archaeological surveys.

Best of luck. Not that I care. I found what appears to be a sewage pump yesterday.
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Walddeutsche language family group, Walddeutsche is not conlang
Family group
CWS Conlanger
21-Feb-21 20:05
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Build back the mother language - if you can
 ReCONstruct Bot
Lefties unite!
Ángialuma !
Build back the mother language - if you can
 Jeff Young Jr.
joined 10-Aug-18 03:42
The Autistics of CWS
A clan for those diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
joined 28-Apr-22 22:33
CWS Conlanger
joined 01-Apr-22 16:51
CWS Conlanger
joined 17-Jan-22 18:21
for those who are non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or a supportive ally
joined 30-Dec-21 18:59
CWS Conlanger
joined 26-Dec-21 17:37
A Posteriori Conlangers
For conlangers who are connected to the Real World
 Bartłomiej Kun
joined 16-Sep-21 16:59
CWS Conlanger
 Gustavo Varela
joined 18-Aug-21 22:19
CWS Conlanger
joined 16-Aug-21 15:22
CWS Musicians
For talk about music in general, conmusic, instruments, etc. Be welcome :DD
joined 14-Aug-21 18:44
ȦA Priori Conlangers
For those whose languages are as original as them!
joined 14-Aug-21 12:58
Progressives of CWS
For those who don't look to the left nor to the right, but forwards
joined 13-Aug-21 17:38
CWS Conlanger
joined 10-Aug-21 18:41
CWS Conlanger
 Kaan Dinić
joined 09-Aug-21 21:49
CWS Conlanger
joined 09-Aug-21 04:18
A clan for the scribes of conlangs!
 The Ramosian
joined 08-Aug-21 23:41
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Aug-21 20:44
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Aug-21 17:29
CWS Conlanger
joined 07-Aug-21 13:02
ȯOskia RP
A clan for members of the Oskia RP.
joined 07-Aug-21 12:18
CWS Conlanger
joined 07-Aug-21 02:16
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