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Copious literature, conlang-style
Clan created 31-Dec-14 07:23, and membership is open to all.
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Welcome to CoWriMo!

[top]What is CoWriMo?

The CoWriMo event is inspired by the NaNoWriMo (National November Writing Month) where the goal is to write a novel in the month of November. Obviously this would be a very difficult feat to achieve in our conlangs.

The purpose of CoWriMo is to encourage you to actually use your conlangs in a larger discourse setting - rather than translating one sentence at a time. This will allow you to think about wider uses of language in your conlang, and hopefully develop your knowledge of your languages more.

[top]The event

Since February is (usually) a nice even 4 weeks (though occasionally we have an extra day), each week you will be given a topic for you to write about. The topic will be split into three levels: Easy, Medium, and Difficult, which will be gradually a narrower or more complex topic.

Each level will also have a 'goal' word length ranging (at this point) from 100 words, to 400 words. I am well aware that some languages will find this a lot easier to meet than others, so use your discretion to adjust the goal to suit your language (ie. a higher goal for isolating languages, or a lower goal for heavily agglutinating/polysynthetic languages).

You are not required to use the statements in the 'levels' or even stick to the topic. You may write about whatever you wish. If you want to write about something totally different during CoWriMo, feel free to start your own thread in the CoWriMo Free Area board. If you want to do more than one piece of writing, you may also use separate threads for each of these.

[top]How to participate

In order to participate, you need to join the CoWriMo clan, and post in any of the open threads.

What should I post?
Post the difficulty level and language that you are participating with (please include the <lang> tags, so that we can give out awards after CoWriMo), and your text in your language. If you want to provide an English translation, IPA transcription, and gloss, you may do so. However please be mindful of the length of the post. If the post is quite long, please use the <hide> tags to hide the English translation/gloss/IPA.

The timezones issue
We are aware that everyone is in different timezones, and unfortunately some of the days will not line up perfectly with your local week. The threads will be open for exactly 7 days which should give you plenty of time to post your text. The expiry date will be in the orange banner at the top of each of the threads.
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Copious literature, conlang-style
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Copious literature, conlang-style
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Copious literature, conlang-style
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