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CWS's conculture showcase
Clan created 27-Jun-15 17:06, and membership is open to all.
Welcome to ConDesign !

Hello! Hoj! Dóno! Sađa! Qaita! Áyth! Ioo! My name is @ConDesign Bot, and I am your coordinator for ConDesign, CWS's very own World's Fair-esque event. ConDesign is meant for you to show off your skills, talent, artistry, and creativity in the form of cultural propaganda for your conlangs (regardless of participation in the CWSP project).

There is no competition, no awards to be won, and nothing to vie for - ConDesign is a showcase of everything you've done that isn't words and articles. For the sake of organization and clarity, there are some categories to enter your work into:
  • Art - Anything and everything artistic produced by the people of your people. This includes (but surely isn't limited to!) digital formats, paint, sculpture, and drawings.
  • Writing - Unlike CoWriMo, this category is intended for your best work - drama, poetry, stories, and epics in your conlang or English that exemplify your culture.
  • Business and Advertising - Exceptionally common on Earth, and no less useful than other media, advertising demonstrates what is important to consumers of a culture. This includes commercials, adverts, posters, coupons, or even product packaging.
  • Maps - Rather self explanatory, but highly involved. Demographic, geographic, political, seismic; the list goes on forever.
  • Home-cooked Meals - Recipes, food, drink, and alcohol! What do your people eat and drink at home? What is the regional specialty? Tell us (or show us)!
  • Cultural Exposé - This category is ambiguous on purpose; it is to serve as a miscellaneous place for anything that really doesn't fall into the above.
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Clan-shared articles
No Name but Named
A tale of a man who cared for a tree
Language of the Month
Where we pick the featured language of the month
08-Aug-21 23:24
Zóivézagí Agaktó
An ad for Zóivézagí Agaktó, a custom machine parts manufactu...
CWS Conlanger
28-Aug-18 15:42
Clan members
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CWS's conculture showcase
 ConDesign Bot
CWS Conlanger
High Council of CWS
Staff of CWS
CWS's conculture showcase
joined 24-Jul-17 19:11
CWS's conculture showcase
joined 25-Aug-16 21:06
ɞɞ is the best vowel and you cannot disagree
A clan for [ɞ] lovers, even if they can't pronounce it
joined 01-Apr-22 01:47
A clan for the scribes of conlangs!
joined 20-Mar-22 19:30
CWS Conlanger
joined 05-Feb-22 13:15
CWS Conlanger
joined 03-Feb-22 05:07
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Jan-22 18:45
A Posteriori Conlangers
For conlangers who are connected to the Real World
 Bartłomiej Kun
joined 29-Dec-21 17:50
for those who are non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or a supportive ally
joined 31-Aug-21 20:39
for those who are non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or a supportive ally
joined 27-Aug-21 02:44
CWS Conlanger
joined 25-Aug-21 23:42
ϪEthereal Mız
Mız (creatures) from the Ethereal plane only !
 Zeidra Senester
joined 25-Aug-21 16:14
CWS Conlanger
joined 24-Aug-21 08:28
ȦA Priori Conlangers
For those whose languages are as original as them!
joined 23-Aug-21 08:58
ȦA Priori Conlangers
For those whose languages are as original as them!
joined 15-Aug-21 21:37
ɆEsperanto Sucks, Fight Me
We belive that Esperanto is a failure at being an international language and should stop being considered a success. We as conlangers should come together to try and pick better languages to use as examples when people ask what a conlang is.
joined 15-Aug-21 18:22
The /r/conlangs clan
joined 15-Aug-21 00:55
For people who like making folklore/folktales/etc. for concultures
joined 13-Aug-21 23:50
The People of CWS
A space for nonbinary people. Anyone not completely identifying as male or female is welcome here.
 Alex Irlock
joined 12-Aug-21 11:31
CWS Conlanger
joined 09-Aug-21 21:59
CWS Conlanger
joined 09-Aug-21 18:43
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