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Not cosplay, comic play!
Clan created 29-Mar-15 16:40, and membership is open to all.
Menu 1. What is ComiCon? 2. How to Participate
[top]What is ComiCon?
Contrary to the cosplay-attracting events found in urban centers, CWS's ComiCon is instead a translation event based on a story-telling art form found in many newspapers: comic strips. During ComiCon, you will translate and create comic strips in your conlang. The task is to best incorporate the humour involved in the strip, and work with the vernacular language present. If anything, your conlang will get much more accommodated to informal conversation. =D

It is not uncommon for conlangs to use comic strips as a medium. We hope that by the end of ComiCon, we'll have a ton of them to show. Check out this example in Esperanto:
Check out more at Calvin kaj Hobbes!

The user @ComiCon Bot will be the primary mode of communication for ComiCon.

[top]How to Participate
  1. Join the clan!
  2. About every five days (give or take, ComiCon Bot is a bit... flighty. -cough-), a comic strip will be posted along with a blank counterpart. You must save the blank image, translate the comic into your conlang, add the text, and upload it to an image hosting website. Then post your translated strip, with any notes you find pertinent!
  3. ???
  4. Profit!
  5. Actually, just enjoy the translations.
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Not cosplay, comic play!
 ComiCon Bot
Not cosplay, comic play!
 Glass Coppelia
joined 23-Sep-16 22:32
Not cosplay, comic play!
 Hëlbaron Dölis
joined 15-Sep-15 11:57
CWS Conlanger
joined 19-Oct-21 23:01
CWS Conlanger
joined 19-Oct-21 21:20
ʜI hate epiglottal trills
Epiglottal trills = no
joined 19-Oct-21 21:06
CWS Conlanger
 Muhammad Iqbal Nurfalah
joined 19-Oct-21 09:59
CWS Musicians
For talk about music in general, conmusic, instruments, etc. Be welcome :DD
joined 18-Oct-21 16:44
CWS Conlanger
joined 16-Oct-21 20:49
CWS Conlanger
joined 14-Oct-21 23:32
CWS Conlanger
joined 13-Oct-21 04:12
From Scratch
For people who built their conlangs up without any planning and just dove right in.
joined 12-Oct-21 23:50
CWS Conlanger
joined 12-Oct-21 22:21
CWS Conlanger
joined 12-Oct-21 14:43
CWS Conlanger
 Mr Kjedelig
joined 11-Oct-21 17:23
ƤCWS Planet
A clan for the participants of the CWS Planet project!
joined 11-Oct-21 16:16
ÐSouth Germanic Folk
For Conlangers who fantasize about a South Germanic Family Branch.
joined 11-Oct-21 10:09
The People of CWS
A space for nonbinary people. Anyone not completely identifying as male or female is welcome here.
joined 10-Oct-21 17:17
for those who are non-heterosexual, non-cisgender, or a supportive ally
joined 09-Oct-21 21:14
Pro Parshita
The best linguistic fustercluck on Sahar
joined 09-Oct-21 20:10
×Northeast Ystel stans
Hookers, sodomy, free weed, nice clothes, and a bunch of elk.
joined 09-Oct-21 05:22
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Oct-21 17:15
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Oct-21 13:26
CWS Conlanger
joined 08-Oct-21 03:14
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