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Terminian Empire
here be colonies
Clan created 12-Feb-17 17:08, and membership is by request only.
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Clan members
Terminian Empire
here be colonies
Pro Parshita
The best linguistic fustercluck on Sahar
joined 19-Nov-18 21:14
Here be islands
joined 19-Nov-18 21:11
Much secret, so Felbah...
joined 19-Nov-18 21:05
🚫Anime Was A Mistake
christian moms against degenerate chinese cartoons
joined 13-May-18 04:05
ƤCWS Planet
A clan for the participants of the CWS Planet project!
 total pleb
joined 03-Dec-17 14:20
Lefties unite!
joined 12-Feb-17 23:58
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