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Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
fjymoktus Surname N/A carpenter
Ha'feer Other Unisex Offspring of T'Leer. According to stories and legends, Ha'feer was T'leer's most beloved offspring. As such, on T'leers world, Ha'feer was given a land of his own, and life forms of his own to experiment with. His life forms became self-aware and proved to have a greater potential than any other forms of life on the planet. Long after Ha'feer and his ancient race dissappeard from this region of the universe, his creation became known as the Haferakāðī (Terran: Africa)
Ka'az Chosen name Unisex Soldier
ɕɑjɑn Given name Unisex Means 'spoken'. The name is meant to imply that the child was pre-empted by the gods.
Depavia Surname Unisex de pavia
Depavia Surname Unisex de pavia
佘伊 Given name Unisex 사이
Eivri Given name Unisex Solish transcription of "Avery".
Ol Given name Unisex
Dĭvkŭ Chosen name Unisex (Divkuh)
Fi'ɭib Given name Male
Alukyu Given name Male "he is powerful"
Leiras Given name Male Most common male name in Mid-Emdhil section.
ii Given name Male n
Kajas Given name Male Translates to City Master
Malabach Given name Male Translates to Horse Eye
Kornēlius Given name Male
Tafisapi Given name Male
Raoþ Given name Male
Raoþ Given name Male
Kjeld Given name Male Means "baby reindeer"
Ólafó Given name Male Means "hero"
Avimi / אבימי Given name Male
Sορινα Given name Female
Feranja Given name Female 'Light+name suffix'
Yeokta Given name Female /ˈjʌkta/
Petü Given name Female "Star"
Petü Given name Female "Star"
Xolelox Other Female Name of the Great Master. Blessed be those who remember her name.
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