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Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Acrábhna Surname Unisex From Tsuchi Akravni
Aridór Surname Unisex
As Given name Unisex Maybe from people who were known to eat a lot
Asht Given name Unisex
Áita Given name Female
Áned Given name Female
Églan Given name Unisex
Íchfhear Given name Male Uncertain origins, possibly from nocturnal hunters
Ícho Nickname Male Shortened version of Íchfhear
Ó Luig Surname Unisex It's thought that very pale people were said to be born from the moon since it was also pale
Báil Surname Unisex In the olden days, to call someone a village was to call them large, not fat, usually large in muscle
Beuch Surname Unisex
Buí Surname Unisex Possibly from farmers who were surrounded by grass
Cana Given name Female From Tsuchi Kzana
Cásp Surname Unisex
Cátig Surname Unisex People from the North maybe
Céibh Given name Male Thought to come from helpers and apprentices being called hands, eventually becoming a name
Cór Surname Unisex
Clásap Surname Unisex
Craesap Surname Unisex
Crasp Surname Unisex
Crá Given name Female Women usually ran shops and this became a name over time
Cráisap Surname Unisex
Danann Given name Unisex
Deó Nickname Female Shortened form of Deóch
Deóch Given name Female
Deunsap Surname Unisex
Din Given name Unisex Usually given to the first born but this tradition is less common now than it was in the past
Edha Surname Unisex
Espád Surname Unisex
Falac Surname Unisex From Nemus Flaxa
Fatro Surname Unisex From Tsuchi Vadro
Feósap Surname Unisex
Feusam Surname Unisex
Fríbhap Surname Unisex
Friabh Surname Unisex Thought to have been given to high ranking officials as a title, eventually becoming a surname
Gara Given name Male Possibly from knights
Garsap Surname Unisex
Nickname Male Shortened form of Gara
Grísap Surname Unisex
Gul Surname Unisex From 'Ma Ghul' meaning 'The Man/The Lad'
Hospad Surname Unisex
Líc Given name Male From Tsuchi Liku
Ma Dhascráin Surname Unisex Possibly from polyglots or those who dealt with international relations. May also be from storytellers but this is a less popular theory.
Ma Dhate Surname Unisex Given to people who moved to cities by people who already lived there, this stopped once the population grew too large and relations became more impersonal
Ma Fhlác Surname Unisex
Meás Surname Unisex
Na Bhaun Surname Unisex From a myth of a child born of two mothers
Na Bháil Surname Unisex Given to those who moved from a city to the country, the name remained even after multiple generations and is now just a surname
Na Chnáp Surname Unisex Probably from people who lived in the hills
Na Dhan Surname Unisex From archers presumably
Na Dhascráin Surname Unisex Possibly from polyglots or those who dealt with international relations. May also be from storytellers but this is a less popular theory.
Na Gháir Surname Unisex Probably from people who lived by or on lakes
Na nÓsh Surname Unisex Another name for musicians possibly
Na Shtír Surname Unisex Probably a name given to those from another island in Dírmala's early years
Pear Surname Unisex Presumably from someone in ancient times with a strange face, this name became associated with their family
Prád Given name Male
Rabí Given name Male
Sóca Surname Unisex From Tsuchi Zhoychi
Scubh Given name Male Modified form of scúbh
Smun Given name Unisex Modified form of shmuín
Támi Given name Female
Tána Given name Unisex From Tsuchi D'zána
Tánar Surname Unisex From Tsuchi Tnarakí
Túaha Surname Unisex
Tuaig Given name Male
Turica Given name Unisex From Tsuchi Tsurka
Ucsa Given name Male From Nemus Oxsa
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