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 Florian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Amarantos Surname Unisex amaranth
Ankouri Surname Unisex cucumber
Anthizo Given name Unisex
Arevatsaghik Surname Unisex Sunflower
Ark'ayakhndzor Surname Unisex
Ashkhuyzh Given name Unisex "lively"
Asimi Given name Unisex Meaning: silver
Badiava Surname Unisex
Banksia Surname Unisex
Blu Surname Unisex /bju/
Breken Surname Unisex
Deghin Surname Unisex Banana
Demitri Given name Male
Dezisin Surname Unisex Daisy
Dzmeruk Surname Unisex Watermelon
Elemi Given name Unisex
Ent'voni Given name Male Anthony
Errikos Given name Male Harry
Errёt Surname Unisex Black-eyed Susan
Evgenis Given name Male Eugene
Evi Given name Female Hebe
Garun Given name Unisex
Georgis Given name Male George
Gianna Given name Female Janet
Giannis Given name Male Jack, John
Gjelbёr Given name Unisex
Gjengjefil Surname Unisex Ginger
Gjethedelli Surname Unisex
Grigoris Given name Male Gregory
Holandё Surname Unisex Meaning: tulip
Ilaria Given name Female Hilary
Ima Given name Female Emma
Irza Given name Unisex
Isahak Given name Male Isaac
Jrashushan Surname Unisex Water lily
Jur Given name Unisex
Kampanoula Surname Unisex
Kanach' Given name Unisex
Kareli Given name Unisex Carl, Charles, Charlie, Charlotte
Katifes Surname Unisex Marigold
Kollitsida Surname Unisex Bur
Kolokythi Surname Unisex /kolokiθi/
Krithari Surname Unisex Barley
Krynos Given name Female Lily
Lampsi Given name Unisex
Levanta Surname Unisex Lavender
Luan Given name Unisex Leo
Maranazh Given name Male
Markos Given name Male Mark, Marcus
Mekhak Surname Unisex Carnation
Michalis Given name Male Michael
Molocha Surname Unisex Mallow
Mzamurch Surname Unisex /mzamuɾt͡ʃ/
Narnjaguyn Given name Unisex
Ntomata Surname Unisex
Nymfaia Surname Unisex lotus
Omichli Given name Unisex Meaning: mist, misty
Orkhid Surname Unisex Orchid
Ouranos Given name Unisex
Ozha Given name Unisex
Pavlos Given name Male Paul
Pikralida Surname Unisex Dandelion
Qa Surname Unisex
Qiro Given name Unisex Kira
Roynjall Given name Male Ronald
Ser Given name Unisex Meaning: love
Sferdoukli Surname Unisex Daffodil
Shkelzen Given name Unisex
Shkёlqim Given name Unisex Meaning: shining(also it's the Florian version of Bob)
Shnch'ap'ogh Surname Unisex Thistle
Shpatore Surname Unisex Iris
Shpirag Given name Unisex
Shteme Given name Unisex Sam
Shtizotorojёs Given name Male Jeremy
Sitari Surname Unisex Wheat
Skhtor Surname Unisex
Spitak Given name Male
Thomas Given name Male
Tomorr Given name Male
Triantafyllo Surname Unisex Meaning: rose
Tromedha Given name Female
Tёrshёrё Surname Unisex Oat
Vardy Given name Unisex Rose
Vathys Given name Unisex
Veniamin Given name Male
Verё Given name Unisex
Violet Surname Unisex
Vlastari Given name Unisex
Yakinthos Surname Unisex Hyacint
Yll Given name Unisex
Yllampsi Given name Unisex
Zambak Surname Unisex Meaning: lily
Zhabin Surname Unisex buttercup
Ёlin Given name Female Eileen
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