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 Aichu Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Atska Given name Unisex A form of the Japanese Name “Asuka”
Kaede Given name Unisex A loan-name from Japanese
Kankitsui Given name Male “Citrus”
Koere Surname Unisex Means “strong”
Monggori Surname Unisex “Mind”
Muhenko Given name Unisex Literally means “round child”
Nosōta Surname Unisex “Sugar”
Ohiron Surname Unisex Meaning “many whales”... very weird surname to say the least
Oromi Given name Male “Male horse”
Osua Given name Male “Lotus” (male)
Oucako Given name Male “Water Child” (male)
Sua Given name Female “Lotus”
Ucako Given name Female “Water Child”
Ucamun Surname Unisex “Water Mirror”
Uihei Surname Unisex Means “Ivory”
Utsgol Surname Unisex Very weird surname, means “silk mirror”
Utsjërë Surname Unisex A relatively rare surname, meaning “silk”
Wohëi Given name Female “Gem”
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