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 Mamosian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Albes Given name Female < albeǵ, "right[ward] (direction)"
Alsis Given name Female < alsig, "quiet"
Aulaŕac Given name Male "childish, child-like"
Belesif Nickname Male Short for Bexlefuslif
Bexlef Given name Male "king"
Bexlefulsif Given name Male < bexlefulsi, "kingdom"
Bobalac Given name Male < bobalax, "Vovalian"
Byŕaif Given name Male < byŕaig, "(morally) good"
Cuigif Given name Male < cuig, "bright"
Eiucoles Given name Female "coal, soot, ash"
Eorcis Surname Unisex "potter"
Gálef Given name Male < gáleǵ, "high"
Ianapresis Given name Female "spring (season)"
Lef Nickname Male Very short for Bexlefulsif
Lurreǵein Given name Male "happiness"
Lurrein Nickname Male Short for Lurreǵein
Lutmig Surname Unisex "holy"
Malecif Given name Male "storyteller, bard"
Marac Given name Male < marax, "Maracian"
Nafulac Given name Male < nafulax, "Naphuli"
Nafular Given name Female < nafulax, "Naphuli"
Nebirac Given name Male < nebirax, "Naberian"
Nunaf Given name Male < nunac, "green[-haired]"
Nunar Given name Female < nunac, "green[-haired]"
Nunnasaf Given name Male "harvest"
Peltabexif Given name Male < pel tadar bexlai, "among kings"
Rosca Nickname Male Short for Rostaluca
Rostaluca Given name Male < arostaluce, "gem, jewel, crystal"
Selas Given name Female Variation of Sels
Sels Given name Female < selif, "bird", converted to female form
Seŕain Given name Male Short for mánaseŕain, "hope"
Steif Surname Unisex "scribe"
Tonber Nickname Female Short for Tonbexler
Tonbexler Given name Female "queen"
Yanasis Nickname Female Short for Ianapresis
Yannis Nickname Female Short for Ianapresis
Yrdus Given name Female "water"
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