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 Ushnagos Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Aji Given name Female Means: "Wax"
Akhia Given name Female Means: "Iris"
Áo Surname N/A Minority Dialect Name
Aro Given name Female Name of a Folk Heroine
Ártil Given name Male Origin Unknown
Ává Surname N/A Region
Ayo Given name Male Means: "Eagle"
Ayoy Given name Female Female version of "Ayo"
Chuabi Surname N/A Means: "Hard Tree"
Chumi Surname N/A Means: "Lumberjack"
Chup Surname N/A Means: "Truth"
Dardik Given name Male Variant of "Darsik"
Darsik Given name Male Means: "Bringer of luck"
Felja Given name Unisex Means: "Green Child"
Fitu Given name Male Means: "String Maker"
Ga Surname N/A Region
Gemi Surname N/A Means: "Priest"
Giez Given name Male Means: "Amber"
Imaw Given name Male Means: "Respect"
Imay Given name Female Means: "Respect"
Iriyi Surname N/A Means: "Frog Water"
Iwangi Given name Female Means: "Cunning"
Iwangu Given name Male Means: "Cunning"
Jire Surname N/A Means: "Orange (Color)"
Katja Given name Unisex Means: "Red Child"
Key Given name Unisex Means: "Mineral vein, line in rock"
Khaped Surname N/A Means: "By the River"
Kokhgha Given name Male Means: "Mossy Stone", Name of a famous General
Kuow Given name Male Means: "Honesty"
Kuoy Given name Female Means: "Honesty"
Lemte Given name Female Means "Sugar Flower"
Matari Given name Female Means: "Patience"
Mataru Given name Male Means: "Patience"
Mechew Given name Male Means: "Bravery"
Mechey Given name Female Means: "Bravery"
Ngeli Given name Female Means: "Raspberry"
Ngomja Given name Unisex Means: "Blue Child"
Orto Surname N/A Corruption of "Erta", Means: "Golden Thing"
Oswami Surname N/A Means: "Musician"
Patrik Surname N/A Means: "Three Fingers"
Peok Surname N/A Means: "Net"
Pimja Given name Unisex Means: "White Child"
Pizil Given name Unisex Means: "Light Place"
Raymi Surname N/A Meaning: "Seaweed Fisherman"
Ruja Given name Unisex Means: "Black Child"
Ruwa Given name Male Means: "Fiery Eye"
Ruzil Given name Unisex Means: "Dark Place"
Sa Given name Female Means: "Candy"
Samchi Surname N/A "Spirit Mountain" of Folklore
Samnaw Given name Male Means: "Compassion"
Samnay Given name Female Means: "Compassion"
Sát Given name Male Means: "Please"
Shádaw Given name Male Means: "Power"
Sháday Given name Female Means: "Power"
Shekhu Given name Male
Shenge Given name Female Means: "Beatiful Wonder"
Sherib Given name Female Means: "Eye contact"
Silopi Given name Female Means: "Resilience"
Silopu Given name Male Means: "Resilience"
Supi Surname N/A Means: "Full Moon"
Suriami Surname N/A Means: "Fisherman"
Suru Surname N/A Means: "New Moon"
Ushur Given name Male Means: "He who speaks". Historic name.
Yanja Given name Unisex Means: "Yellow Child"
Zhermi Surname N/A Means: "Farmer"
Zuzu Given name Male Related to Brewing, exact meaning lost
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