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Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
áriobi Given name Unisex [a˧˥riobi] the word "garden/greenhouse" with a common name suffix
ìodovòn Other Other [io˥˩doβoɳ˥˩] A town known for its orange bridges.
barìn Given name Unisex [ba'riɳ˥˩] Remember not to capitalize "b"
bòʙabbi Given name Unisex [bo˥˩p̪faʔbi] Also spelled bòʙaɂbi, from "spicy"
bivlògol Surname Unisex [biβɫo˥˩ɢoɫ] means something like "many lands"
ʙòanoʙábi Given name Unisex [p̪foa˥˩ɳop̪fa˧˥bi] from "glass" and "glyph" as well as the name suffix bi.
ʙlabìno Given name Unisex [p̪fɫa'bi˥˩ɳo]
ga̱y Given name Unisex [ɢaɨ˩]
gǎlbishìr Surname Unisex [ɢaɫ˨˩˦bisir˥˩] from "color" and "laughter"
gǎvoxeu Surname Unisex [ɢa˨˩˦βoχɨ] from "laughter"
nadeuni Given name Unisex from "song"
rigìlani Given name Unisex [ri'ɢi˥˩ɫaɳi] from "shore" and "gift"
Ryafi bì Other Unisex [rjafi bi] modern place surname of someone from Ryafiwòn.
Ryafiwòn Other Other [rjafiwoɳ] The largest dome on Ròaslal
shéuthabbi Given name Unisex [ʂɨ˧˥θaʔbi] from "stick bug"
vixàdasha Surname Unisex [βiχa˥˩daʂa] from "delicious" and "nut" with a surname suffix.
vābri Given name Unisex [βa˥bri] means something like "path of the sun"
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