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 Quo Nui Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Raru Nickname Male Means 'Plain Shield'
Ata Given name Male Means 'Eagle'
Yeaqo Given name Male Means 'Cliff Fish'
Shai Given name Male Means 'Soul'
Rualeshai Given name Male Means 'Sanctify Soul'
Terino Given name Male Means 'Churchgoer'
vene Ata Surname Male Patronym
vene Yeaqo Surname Male Patronym
vene Shai Surname Male Patronym
vene Rualeshai Surname Male Patronym
vene Terino Surname Male Patronym
vui Ata Surname Female Patronym
vui Yeaqo Surname Female Patronym
vui Shai Surname Female Patronym
vui Rualeshai Surname Female Patronym
vui Terino Surname Female Patronym
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