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 Rireinutire Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Aerita Given name Unisex empress Aerita VI of Kosani, made her favourite hunting dog Chancellor of the Exchecquer
Aino Given name Unisex
Aki Given name Unisex
Ami Given name Unisex
Amoruvo Surname N/A also var. Aoruvo
Amosañe Surname N/A also var. Aosañe
Amoseme Surname N/A also var. Aoseme
Aniaña Surname N/A Reye Aniaña, Utenene 2390-94ye., provoked Sumiapa Rebellion
Animuremo Surname N/A
Ara Given name Unisex
Atu Other Other Islander Goddess of the sea, of birth and death; also Atuemo
Eka Given name Unisex the first person
Erakeri Surname N/A Captain Erakeri, shiplady of "Star Patrol", classic sf show
Eraruño Surname N/A
Erekini Surname N/A
Ererutu Surname N/A
Esokeña Surname N/A
Hakarutu Surname N/A
Hami Other Unisex 'Spot', typical name for a dog
Hatekave Surname N/A
Herokesi Surname N/A
Himavete Surname N/A
Hita Other Other Goddess of the sun, charioteer of the sun
Hopu Given name Unisex
Ipe Given name Unisex
Isaka Given name Unisex Isaka, legendary queen of Penero, took ten years to come home from wars
Isoreme Surname N/A
Ivaro Other Other Goddess of blacksmiths
Kanavita Other Other Goddess of hell, punisher of evildoers, of the damned, Judge of the Underworld
Kane Given name Unisex
Kanesova Surname N/A
Kaniraya Surname N/A
Kari Given name Unisex
Karipati Surname N/A
Kariroto Surname N/A
Karumuru Surname N/A author, creator of Tuto Kuroima
Katurañi Surname N/A
Kerimiya Surname N/A
Koi Other Other Goddess of dawn
Kominara Surname N/A
Koopata Surname N/A
Kurarisa Surname N/A General Kurarisa, created an empire; her name became title for empress
Kuroima Surname N/A Tuto Kuroima, adventurer hero
Kusunere Surname N/A
Mañu Given name Unisex
Make Given name Unisex
Matapupu Surname N/A
Matuhana Surname N/A
Matutake Surname N/A
Maya Given name Unisex one of the twin founders of the city of Haru
Mira Given name Unisex
Miro Given name Unisex
Misa Given name Unisex
Morañari Surname N/A
Moraima Surname N/A
Mumakiremo Surname N/A
Nava Given name Unisex empress of Susa, founder of Nava dynasty
Nunañoto Surname N/A
Oravase Surname N/A
Ori Given name Unisex
Otapivo Surname N/A
Otise Given name Unisex Otise, wife of Isaka, legendary ruler
Pamuyepu Surname N/A
Paratiri Surname N/A
Pasapoho Surname N/A
Patasena Surname N/A
Patorete Surname N/A
Payukori Surname N/A
Pekasutu Surname N/A
Pera Given name Unisex
Peseteri Surname N/A
Piñireti Surname N/A
Pikakura Surname N/A Lady Pikakura, an ancient who had an incident with the hay wagon
Pita Given name Unisex
Poke Other Other Goddess of beginnings and endings, depicted with two faces
Puritoma Surname N/A
Rañisoru Surname N/A Lady Rañisoru, develops commercial airships in 2172ye.
Rasite Given name Unisex queen Rasite II of Nipusite, had people impaled for fun
Rato Other Other Goddess of the soil, of fertility
Ravaima Surname N/A
Reñemava Surname N/A Mañu and Remo Reñemava, first to achieve heavier-than-air flight, 2168ye.
Rekuini Surname N/A
Remako Given name Unisex Remako, daughter of queen Isaka of Penero
Remesena Chosen name Unisex forest-dwelling ascetic, inventor and patron saint of pole dancing (1721ye.)
Remo Given name Unisex
Reye Given name Unisex one of the twin founders of the city of Haru
Rika Given name Unisex
Rire Given name Unisex
Riso Given name Unisex
Rita Given name Unisex
Ritu Given name Unisex
Ruvosañe Surname N/A Dr Ruvosañe invented the eponymous Jump Drive (FTL drive)
Ruvoseme Surname N/A
Sahañoto Surname N/A Captain Sahañoto, first person to fly (hot air balloon, 2047ye.)
Sari Given name Unisex
Sati Given name Unisex
Señe Other Other Goddess of messengers, messenger of the gods
Seikane Surname N/A
Senakari Surname N/A
Seremana Surname N/A
Siñarera Surname N/A
Simamatu Surname N/A
Sonarasi Surname N/A
Sono Given name Unisex
Sosi Given name Unisex
Suki Other Unisex 'Loyal', typical name for a dog
Suraraha Surname N/A
Susa Given name Unisex
Takasuka Surname N/A
Tamanasi Other Other a cephalophorous Goddess
Tani Given name Unisex
Tanovuvu Surname N/A
Taroneme Surname N/A
Taroruvo Surname N/A Pera Taroruvo, first Rireinukave in space (in 2569ye.)
Tarosita Surname N/A
Timo Given name Unisex
Tipitori Surname N/A
Tiya Given name Unisex
Tono Given name Unisex
Tookane Surname N/A
Torukini Surname N/A
Tosa Given name Unisex the second person
Tosu Other Other Goddess of victory
Tuto Given name Unisex literal meaning 'Northwest'
Usini Given name Unisex
Uta Given name Unisex
Uterinu Surname N/A Usini Uterinu, creator of "Star Patrol", classic sf show
Vai Other Other Goddess of war
Vevemora Surname N/A
Yako Given name Unisex
Yanasono Surname N/A author, creator of the popular Kanato-troll
Yaroyara Surname N/A
Yimerini Surname N/A
Yokuyoku Surname N/A placeholder name, like N. N. or Jane Doe
Yuri Other Other Creator Goddess, Yuri the All-Mother
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