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Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Ha'feer Other Unisex Offspring of T'Leer. According to stories and legends, Ha'feer was T'leer's most beloved offspring. As such, on T'leers world, Ha'feer was given a land of his own, and life forms of his own to experiment with. His life forms became self-aware and proved to have a greater potential than any other forms of life on the planet. Long after Ha'feer and his ancient race dissappeard from this region of the universe, his creation became known as the Haferthī (Origin of the Terran word: Africa)
K'miir Other Unisex origin of the word Kimera. The ancient race that gave birth to Taelons and Jaridians
K'taar Other Unisex Sibling to Zh'kaar, T'leer, and V'haan according to ancient Shikathi texts. Not much is known about K'taar.
K’niizhka Other N/A The name of a group of elite Zh’kaarian scientists in service of T’leer and Ha’feer. The K’niizhka played a crucial part in helping T’leer and Ha’feer perfect their Terran creations. It is not certain if Zh’kaar had a similar group of K’niizhka helping him to artificially accelerate the evolution of the Nyrii into the modern Shikathi people. The name is from the proto-Shikathi expression “k’nii izhkaad” (the master’s elite) and is the origin of the name “Ganesha”
P'maar Other N/A The name of Zh'kaar's starship that brought the Shikathi ancestors to their new homeworld. Eons later when the Shikathi people started roaming the stars, they brought stories and songs about that original ship now mythical. Over time, that name was assimilated into ancient Egyptian culture as
T'leer Other Unisex Sibling to K'taar, V'haan, and Zh'kaar. Founder ofa planet on the outer edge of the galaxy (Earth). Responsible for jump starting the evolution of life the planet. (origin of the words Terra and Earth)
V'haan Other Unisex Sibling to Zh'kaar, T'leer and K'taar. Not much is known about V'hann's whereabouts. Ancient Shikathi texts hint at a world founded by V'haan, but there is considerable debate as to where it is.
Zh'kuor Other Unisex An offspring of Zh'kaar. The ancient Shikathi people believed in Zh'kuor, a god of death who led the Shikathi spirit back to Zh'kaar. The name became synonymous with death itself. It is the origin of the Shikathi word "zhohor" (death).
Zh'tiir Other Unisex Offspring of Zh'kaar. When Zh'kaar left the Shikathi people, he left his offspring Zh'tiir to watch over them and help them grow. In time, Zh'tiir also leaves the Shikathi people but tells them that he will guide them to where he and his father will be. Zh'tiir is the origin of the Shikathi word "shytirl" (star).
Zh'kaar Other Unisex Sibling to K'taar, T'leer, and V'haan. Founder of the Shikathi homeworld. Savior of the Shikathi people. Zh'kaar disappeared eons ago. Nothing is known about his whereabouts. (origin of the word shykāðī)
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