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 Yaharan Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Ämä Given name Female Beauty
Ämänlön Given name Female Beauty-all
Ämëngomng Given name Male Beautiful beginning of all
Ändÿg Given name Male Trapper
Ängä Surname Unisex Metal
Ängëng Given name Male Copper
Ëlätyädü Given name Male
Ëløin Surname Unisex Blue
ösCëlëbrëzstuvërg Surname Unisex of the House of Shelebrezstuverg, the current ruling House of Upper Yahara
ösKlísmënþ Surname Unisex of the House of Klismenth, a name from the nobility
ösTÿndä Surname Unisex of the House of Tynda, a name from the nobility
ösYítsmä Surname Unisex of the House of Valeneni, the current ruling House of Yaxarhayut
Dänÿl Given name Male From Yennodorian "dániole"
Dzändë Given name Male Deaf
Gëlän Given name Male
Gräbrëz Given name Male
Hägäm Given name Male
Häyäk Given name Male Ember
Hwÿg Surname Unisex He who does
Idnvíbídín Given name Female Good-appearance
Kläbrëz Given name Male
Korÿg Surname Unisex He who pours
Nosdyäÿg Surname Unisex He who breaks
Orstën Given name Male
Socëlëbrëz Given name Male Diminutive of Celebrezstuw
Sotën Given name Male Rock
Uläveda Given name Female Messenger
Uwädyä Given name Male Peace
Väd Given name Male Sad
Yähÿg Surname Unisex He who lives
Čädyälvuw Surname Unisex Boiled table
Čënÿg Surname Unisex He who calls
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