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 Sylonian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Ádeu Given name Female
Ana Given name Female
Áron Given name Male
Arón Given name Male
Aśen Given name Male
Asoro Surname Unisex
Avada Surname Unisex
Avuno Surname Unisex
Carmen Given name Female
Caro Given name Male
Creun Surname Unisex meaning “darling”
Daria Given name Female
Em Surname Unisex
Eru Given name Male
Eśen Surname Unisex
Faser Surname Unisex
Fére Given name Male
Ferun Given name Male
Feur Given name Female
Fona Given name Unisex
Maddea Given name Female
Man Surname Male
Meón Surname Unisex
Nevade Surname Unisex
Nuva Given name Female
Óan Surname Unisex
Rasar Surname Unisex
Sadou Given name Female
Sanen Surname Unisex
Saved Surname Unisex
Séjif Surname Unisex meaning "mosaic"
Seuśe Given name Male
Site Surname Male
Svún Given name Male meaning "poet"
Vaceśa Surname Unisex meaning "farmer"
Vada Given name Female
Vadad Surname Unisex
Via Given name Female
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