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 Proto-Dwarven Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Aigab Given name Male aig(fear)+ab(without): He who is without fear, Fearless
Arbul Given name Male ar(monolith, solid stone)+ bul(lord)
At'agaula Given name Female at'a(father)+gaul(wealth)+a (feminine suffic): Father's wealth
Azainin Given name Unisex az(high) + ainin(born, begotten) : Highborn
Aznida Given name Female
Baldugin Given name Male He who serves well
Balmisir Given name Male He who sees good
Balnida Given name Female
Balnug Given name Male bal(good)+ nug(rule)
Balsat'in Given name Male bal(good)+sat'(health, healthy)+in(common name/adjective suffix): He of good health
Barpahir Given name Male bar(mountain)+pahir(protector): Mountain protector
Branbur/Brambur Given name Male bran(solid)+bur(power, strong): Solid power/might
Burin Given name Male bur(power, strong)+in(suffix meaning: pertaining to, of(Common name suffix)): He who is strong
Drugainin Given name Unisex drug(deep)+ainin(born): Born of the deeps
Drugnida Given name Female drug(deep)+nid(gift): Gift of the deeps
Druzdasjir Given name Male druz(stone)+t'asjir(hero): Hero of stone (Stone is associated with cities and civilisation)
Gaulpahir Given name Male Wealth protector
Gumbul Given name Male gum (gold) + bul (lord)
Gumdug/Gumadug Given name Male gum´(gold)+ dug (servant)
Gumin Given name Male Meaning: He who is golden
Gumpahir Given name Male gum(gold)+pahir(protector): Gold protector
Gumul Given name Male gum(gold)+ul(having quality of, being like): He who is like gold
Haurl Given name Male haur(eagle)+ -l (a diminutive suffix): Little eagle:
Jat'adug Given name Male jat' (god) + dug (servant)
Jat'ainin Given name Unisex jat'(god) + ainin (born, begotten)
Jat'anida Given name Female
Miznugin Given name Male He who rules wisely/with wisdom
Murin Given name Male mur(fame, famous)+in(common name suffix): He who is famous/glorious
Pahanirdug Given name Male Pahanir(Protector god of cities and justice)+ dug (servant)
Sat'in Given name Male sat'(health)+in: He who is healthy
Ursjab Given name Male ursj(Evil)+ab(without): He who is without evil, not evil
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