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 Venuzian Namebase
Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Anxł Given name Male From Hungarian János
Anł Given name Female From name Anne
Bornogos Surname Unisex From 'Borne ego' - of Borne (Kelisol)
Breaǵ Given name Female
Carma Given name Female
Earod Given name Male
Goułlai Given name Male From East Slavic Nikolai
Kovacs Surname Unisex From 'kuvac' - smith
Lułag Given name Female
Maki Given name Male
Nabiǵ Given name Male
Peklaułer Nickname Unisex From 'pekal aułert' - ash life
Pisoghhsers Surname Unisex From 'pisog', 'hhzer' - dirt, thousand
Polok Given name Male
Płeuł Given name Female Probably from German word 'Frau'
Płisto Given name Male
Solathhnas Nickname Unisex From 'solatxo hhnłst' - watchful touch
Ursu Given name Male
Ułev Given name Female From name Eva
Vatlakkor Nickname Unisex From 'vetla kornie' - water way
Verhhkasi Nickname Unisex From 'vereohhka sipł' - bleeding heart
Xeolułames Surname Unisex From 'xeolie', 'ułamzah' - porridge, cook
Œsmolos Surname Unisex
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