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Namebase is a mini-database of personal proper names in your language.
Name Type of name Gender Notes
Bamdera Chosen name Female "May she hold great wisdom"
Barmerpundřiž Given name Male "The Glory of His Ancestral Fathers"
Barmerpusṭaš Given name Female "The Glory of Her Ancestral Mothers"
Bibmada Given name Female "May she be wise"
Bibrami Given name Male "May he honor his family"
Bissama Given name Female "May she prosper"
Biylali Given name Male "May he shape his future well"
Dlat͛a Chosen name Female "Horse"
Dlat͛isṭami Chosen name Male "Rhinoceros"
ʾAṟana Chosen name Female "Scorpion"
ʾAlaḵa Given name Female "May her breaths blow away obstacles like the wind"
ʾArašjun Given name Male "Vessel of the Gods"
ʾArašpundřiž Given name Male "The Vessel of His Ancestral Fathers"
ʾArašpusṭaš Given name Female "The Vessel of Her Ancestral Mothers"
ʾAršaẏmara Chosen name Female "Pure Vessel"
ʾAršimari Chosen name Male "Pure Vessel"
ʾIḥmeki Chosen name Male "Lion"
ʾIkani Given name Male "He who shines like an emerald"
ʾIkansemʾelaẏ Chosen name Male "The Emerald of the Crocodile"
ʾInḵompundřiž Given name Male "The Eyes of His Ancestral Fathers"
ʾInḵompusṭaš Given name Female "The Eyes of Her Ancestral Mothers"
ʾOša Given name Female "May she burn like fire"
ʾƏḡtaki Chosen name Male "Camel"
Humri Given name Male "He who is pure"
Map͛i Chosen name Male "Bear"
Rižiya Chosen name Female "Ibis"
Semʾeli Chosen name Male "Crocodile"
Yavi Given name Male "May he be the scythe that harvests prosperity"
Yomeḵa Given name Female "May she rage like a storm"
Zmeri Chosen name Male "Crow"
Šušmi Given name Male "He who strengthens"
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