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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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AJO MajatowaMarked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd personszerochoir
AJO MajatowaClick releasesTwo-threezerochoir
AJO MajatowaMorphological typologyAgglutinativezerochoir
AJO MajatowaDefinite articleDistinct articlezerochoir
AJO MajatowaIndefinite articleDistinct articlezerochoir
AJO MajatowaConsonant inventory sizeAveragezerochoir
AJO MajatowaVowel inventory sizeAveragezerochoir
AJO MajatowaPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/zerochoir
AJO MajatowaValence increasing voicesCausative onlyzerochoir
AJO MajatowaPerfectVerb conjugationzerochoir
AJO MajatowaMarked transitivity (verb)Transitive/Intransitivezerochoir
AJO MajatowaFuture tenseVerb conjugationzerochoir
AJO MajatowaConsonant-vowel ratioModerately highzerochoir
AJO MajatowaNumber of nominal casesEight cases or morezerochoir
AJO MajatowaNumber of pronominal casesEight cases or morezerochoir
AJO MajatowaToneNo phonemic tonezerochoir
AJO MajatowaVowel harmonyNonezerochoir
AJO MajatowaStress marked?Nozerochoir
AJO MajatowaGendersNonezerochoir
AJO MajatowaRetroflex consonantsNonezerochoir
AJO MajatowaUvular consonantsNonezerochoir
AJO MajatowaValence decreasing voicesPassive onlyzerochoir
AJO MajatowaPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/zerochoir
AJO MajatowaContour clicksSimple clicks onlyzerochoir
AJO MajatowaNoun numbersSingular/Pluralzerochoir
AJO MajatowaPhonemic vowel lengthShort/Longzerochoir
AJO MajatowaVerb agreementSubject onlyzerochoir
AJO MajatowaMorphosyntactic alignmentTripartitezerochoir
AJO MajatowaPhonation typesVoiced/ voicelesszerochoir
AJO MajatowaPronoun dropping?Yeszerochoir
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