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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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AXJ ShiSyllable structureSimple (CV)Kimsauce
AXJ ShiBase counting systemDuodecimal (12)Kimsauce
AXJ ShiMarked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd personsKimsauce
AXJ ShiPast tense remoteness2-3 degrees of remotenessKimsauce
AXJ ShiTense/aspect suppletionAspect and tenseKimsauce
AXJ ShiScript typeAbugidaKimsauce
AXJ ShiPronoun-noun possessionAffix/CliticKimsauce
AXJ ShiAnimacy distinctionsAnimate/InanimateKimsauce
AXJ ShiGendersAnimate/InanimateKimsauce
AXJ ShiAlienabilityAlienable/inalienableKimsauce
AXJ ShiPossession distinctionsAlienable/inalienableKimsauce
AXJ ShiDouble negativesAmplify negativeKimsauce
AXJ ShiConsonant-vowel ratioAverageKimsauce
AXJ ShiVowel inventory sizeAverageKimsauce
AXJ ShiPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, and /d/Kimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun incorporationBothKimsauce
AXJ ShiLabial typesLabials and /w/Kimsauce
AXJ ShiPrimary directional systemAbsolute cardinal (north/east...)Kimsauce
AXJ ShiValence increasing voicesCausative and multiple ApplicativesKimsauce
AXJ ShiCoding of evidentialityVerbal conjugationKimsauce
AXJ ShiPrimary writing systemConscriptKimsauce
AXJ ShiDemonstrative proximityDistal/Medial/ProximalKimsauce
AXJ ShiUnmarked moodDECL/IND and IMPKimsauce
AXJ ShiUnmarked evidentialDirect/witness/firsthandKimsauce
AXJ ShiMarked tense (verb)Future, Non-FutureKimsauce
AXJ ShiAdposition head-directionalityHead finalKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun head-directionalityHead initialKimsauce
AXJ ShiVerb head-directionalityHead initialKimsauce
AXJ ShiInclusive/exclusive pronounsDistinct formsKimsauce
AXJ ShiOptativeDedicated verb conjugationKimsauce
AXJ ShiPerfectVerb conjugationKimsauce
AXJ ShiPolar question markingInterrogative verb markingKimsauce
AXJ ShiReduplication formMultiple formsKimsauce
AXJ ShiReduplication functionMultiple functionsKimsauce
AXJ ShiVowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)Kimsauce
AXJ ShiFuture tenseVerb conjugationKimsauce
AXJ ShiEvidentiality distinctionsMixedKimsauce
AXJ ShiConsonant inventory sizeModerately smallKimsauce
AXJ ShiNumber of nominal casesEight cases or moreKimsauce
AXJ ShiContour clicksNo clicksKimsauce
AXJ ShiCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsKimsauce
AXJ ShiToneNo phonemic toneKimsauce
AXJ ShiNumber of pronominal casesNo pronounsKimsauce
AXJ ShiPronoun dropping?Not applicableKimsauce
AXJ ShiPronoun numbersNo pronounsKimsauce
AXJ ShiPronoun personsNo pronounsKimsauce
AXJ ShiRelative clause headNo relative clausesKimsauce
AXJ ShiRelative clause morphologyNo relative clausesKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun-relative clause orderNo relative clausesKimsauce
AXJ ShiVowel harmonyNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonyKimsauce
AXJ ShiAdjective agreementNumber and classKimsauce
AXJ ShiUnmarked tenseNonfutureKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun-adjective orderNoun firstKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun-numeral orderNoun firstKimsauce
AXJ ShiVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonyKimsauce
AXJ ShiStress marked?NoKimsauce
AXJ ShiCopula droppingNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiDefinite articleNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiFixed stress locationNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiIndefinite articleNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiRetroflex consonantsNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiUvular consonantsNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiPhonemic vowel lengthNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiMarked transitivity (verb)NoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiValence decreasing voicesNoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiMarked voice (verb)NoneKimsauce
AXJ ShiDual pluractional formsNo pluractionalityKimsauce
AXJ ShiSuppletion in pluractional formsNo pluractionalityKimsauce
AXJ ShiPluractionalityNoKimsauce
AXJ ShiNegation markingOtherKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun-noun possessionOtherKimsauce
AXJ ShiReflexivesOtherKimsauce
AXJ ShiMarked aspect (verb)OtherKimsauce
AXJ ShiMorphological typologyPolysyntheticKimsauce
AXJ ShiPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Kimsauce
AXJ ShiReciprocalsIdentical to reflexiveKimsauce
AXJ ShiPossessor-possessee orderPossessee firstKimsauce
AXJ ShiMass/noncount nounsTreated as singularKimsauce
AXJ ShiNoun numbersSingular/PluralKimsauce
AXJ ShiMorphosyntactic alignmentSplit-SKimsauce
AXJ ShiVerb agreementSubject and objectKimsauce
AXJ ShiPhonation typesVoiced/ voicelessKimsauce
AXJ ShiPrimary word orderVOSKimsauce
AXJ ShiNasalsNasal stops and vowelsKimsauce
AXJ ShiClick phonationsNo clicksKimsauce
AXJ ShiClick releasesNo clicksKimsauce
AXJ ShiConstituent dislocation possibleYesKimsauce
AXJ ShiPolar question answersYes/NoKimsauce
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