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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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BGG MitosePast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessArras
BGG MitoseBase counting systemDecimal (10)Arras
BGG MitosePronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd personsArras
BGG MitoseMarked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd personsArras
BGG MitoseSyllable structureModerate (CVC max)Arras
BGG MitoseMarked voice (verb)Active and PassiveArras
BGG MitoseNegation markingAffixArras
BGG MitoseNoun-adjective orderAdjective firstArras
BGG MitoseMorphological typologyAgglutinativeArras
BGG MitoseScript typeAlphabetArras
BGG MitoseDefinite articleDistinct articleArras
BGG MitoseIndefinite articleDistinct articleArras
BGG MitosePrimary writing systemBasic LatinArras
BGG MitoseConsonant-vowel ratioAverageArras
BGG MitoseVowel inventory sizeAverageArras
BGG MitoseMarked tense (verb)Past, Present, FutureArras
BGG MitosePresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/Arras
BGG MitoseLabial typesLabials and /w/Arras
BGG MitosePrimary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)Arras
BGG MitoseNoun-noun possessionGenitive or possessive caseArras
BGG MitosePronoun-noun possessionPossessive adjective/pronounArras
BGG MitoseAdposition head-directionalityHead initialArras
BGG MitoseNoun head-directionalityHead initialArras
BGG MitoseVerb head-directionalityHead initialArras
BGG MitosePerfectVerb conjugationArras
BGG MitoseMarked transitivity (verb)Transitive/IntransitiveArras
BGG MitoseVowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)Arras
BGG MitoseFuture tenseVerb conjugationArras
BGG MitoseNoun-numeral orderNumeral firstArras
BGG MitoseGendersMasculine/Feminine/NeuterArras
BGG MitoseConsonant inventory sizeModerately smallArras
BGG MitoseContour clicksNo clicksArras
BGG MitoseCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNoneArras
BGG MitoseGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsArras
BGG MitosePronoun dropping?NoArras
BGG MitoseToneNo phonemic toneArras
BGG MitoseAlienabilityNo alienabilityArras
BGG MitosePossession distinctionsNoneArras
BGG MitoseVowel harmonyNoneArras
BGG MitoseVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonyArras
BGG MitoseUnmarked evidentialEvidentiality not usedArras
BGG MitoseVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonyArras
BGG MitoseAdjective agreementNoneArras
BGG MitoseConstituent dislocation possibleNoArras
BGG MitoseStress marked?NoArras
BGG MitoseUnmarked moodNo moodArras
BGG MitoseMorphosyntactic alignmentNominative/AccusativeArras
BGG MitoseEvidentiality distinctionsNot usedArras
BGG MitoseAnimacy distinctionsNoneArras
BGG MitoseCopula droppingNoneArras
BGG MitoseDemonstrative proximityNoneArras
BGG MitoseDouble negativesNot possibleArras
BGG MitoseCoding of evidentialityNoneArras
BGG MitoseFixed stress locationNoneArras
BGG MitoseInclusive/exclusive pronounsNo distinctionArras
BGG MitoseNoun incorporationNoneArras
BGG MitoseRetroflex consonantsNoneArras
BGG MitoseUvular consonantsNoneArras
BGG MitosePhonemic vowel lengthNoneArras
BGG MitoseOptativeNoneArras
BGG MitoseTense/aspect suppletionNeitherArras
BGG MitoseValence decreasing voicesNoneArras
BGG MitoseValence increasing voicesNoneArras
BGG MitoseDual pluractional formsNo pluractionalityArras
BGG MitoseSuppletion in pluractional formsNo pluractionalityArras
BGG MitosePluractionalityNoArras
BGG MitoseUnmarked tenseNo tenseArras
BGG MitoseNumber of nominal casesOne caseArras
BGG MitoseNumber of pronominal casesOne caseArras
BGG MitoseMarked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfectiveArras
BGG MitoseMass/noncount nounsTreated as pluralArras
BGG MitosePossessor-possessee orderPossessor firstArras
BGG MitoseReciprocalsPronounArras
BGG MitosePresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Arras
BGG MitosePolar question markingQuestion particleArras
BGG MitoseNasalsNasal stops onlyArras
BGG MitoseNoun numbersSingular/PluralArras
BGG MitosePronoun numbersSingular/PluralArras
BGG MitoseVerb agreementSubject onlyArras
BGG MitosePrimary word orderSVOArras
BGG MitosePhonation typesVoiced/ voicelessArras
BGG MitoseClick phonationsNo clicksArras
BGG MitoseClick releasesNo clicksArras
BGG MitoseReduplication formNo reduplicationArras
BGG MitoseReduplication functionNo reduplicationArras
BGG MitosePolar question answersYes/NoArras
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