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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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GTY Old GhomanPronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd personsCamera244
GTY Old GhomanDefinite articleAffix usedCamera244
GTY Old GhomanIndefinite articleAffix usedCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNegation markingAffixCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNoun-adjective orderAdjective firstCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMorphological typologyAgglutinativeCamera244
GTY Old GhomanConsonant inventory sizeAverageCamera244
GTY Old GhomanConsonant-vowel ratioAverageCamera244
GTY Old GhomanVowel inventory sizeAverageCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/Camera244
GTY Old GhomanNoun incorporationCompound incorporationCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPrimary writing systemConscriptCamera244
GTY Old GhomanUvular consonantsContinuants onlyCamera244
GTY Old GhomanDemonstrative proximityDistal/Medial/ProximalCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPolar question answersEitherCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMorphosyntactic alignmentFluid-SCamera244
GTY Old GhomanAdposition head-directionalityHead finalCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNoun head-directionalityHead finalCamera244
GTY Old GhomanVerb head-directionalityHead finalCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPolar question markingChanged intonationCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNoun-numeral orderNumeral firstCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPronoun dropping?NoCamera244
GTY Old GhomanConstituent dislocation possibleNoCamera244
GTY Old GhomanStress marked?NoCamera244
GTY Old GhomanAnimacy distinctionsNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanCopula droppingNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanDouble negativesNot possibleCamera244
GTY Old GhomanCoding of evidentialityNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanGendersNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanInclusive/exclusive pronounsNo distinctionCamera244
GTY Old GhomanRetroflex consonantsNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPhonemic vowel lengthNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanReciprocalsNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanReflexivesNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanVerb agreementNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanFuture tenseNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMarked person (verb)NoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMarked transitivity (verb)NoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanValence increasing voicesNoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMarked voice (verb)NoneCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPronoun-noun possessionParticle/AdpositionCamera244
GTY Old GhomanValence decreasing voicesPassive onlyCamera244
GTY Old GhomanMarked tense (verb)Past, Non-PastCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Camera244
GTY Old GhomanNoun numbersSingular/Paucal/PluralCamera244
GTY Old GhomanPronoun numbersSingular/Paucal/PluralCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNumber of nominal casesThree casesCamera244
GTY Old GhomanNumber of pronominal casesThree casesCamera244
GTY Old GhomanFixed stress locationUltimate (last)Camera244
GTY Old GhomanPrimary word orderVSOCamera244
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