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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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LEG LegimPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessArchaeon
LEG LegimBase counting systemDecimal (10)Archaeon
LEG LegimPronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd personsArchaeon
LEG LegimMarked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd personsArchaeon
LEG LegimTense/aspect suppletionAspect and tenseArchaeon
LEG LegimSyllable structureComplexArchaeon
LEG LegimDefinite articleAffix usedArchaeon
LEG LegimNegation markingAffixArchaeon
LEG LegimScript typeAlphabetArchaeon
LEG LegimMorphological typologyAnalyticalArchaeon
LEG LegimMarked tense (verb)Past, Present, FutureArchaeon
LEG LegimPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/Archaeon
LEG LegimLabial typesBoth labials and labiovelarsArchaeon
LEG LegimPronoun-noun possessionGenitive/Possessive caseArchaeon
LEG LegimDemonstrative proximityDistal/ProximalArchaeon
LEG LegimPrimary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)Archaeon
LEG LegimAdposition head-directionalityEitherArchaeon
LEG LegimPolar question answersEitherArchaeon
LEG LegimReduplication formPartial final reduplicationArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun-noun possessionGenitive and construct casesArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun head-directionalityHead initialArchaeon
LEG LegimVerb head-directionalityHead initialArchaeon
LEG LegimInclusive/exclusive pronounsDistinct formsArchaeon
LEG LegimPolar question markingInverted word orderArchaeon
LEG LegimConsonant inventory sizeLargeArchaeon
LEG LegimVowel inventory sizeLargeArchaeon
LEG LegimPrimary writing systemLatin (Extended)Archaeon
LEG LegimVowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)Archaeon
LEG LegimFuture tenseVerb conjugationArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun-numeral orderNumeral firstArchaeon
LEG LegimGendersMasculine/Feminine/NeuterArchaeon
LEG LegimRelative clause headMixedArchaeon
LEG LegimOptativeModal/auxiliaryArchaeon
LEG LegimConsonant-vowel ratioModerately lowArchaeon
LEG LegimContour clicksNo clicksArchaeon
LEG LegimCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsArchaeon
LEG LegimToneNo phonemic toneArchaeon
LEG LegimAlienabilityNo alienabilityArchaeon
LEG LegimPossession distinctionsNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimVowel harmonyNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonyArchaeon
LEG LegimAdjective agreementNumber and classArchaeon
LEG LegimUnmarked evidentialEvidentiality not usedArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun-adjective orderNoun firstArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun-relative clause orderNoun firstArchaeon
LEG LegimVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonyArchaeon
LEG LegimConstituent dislocation possibleNoArchaeon
LEG LegimUnmarked moodNo moodArchaeon
LEG LegimRelative clause morphologyNominalisedArchaeon
LEG LegimMorphosyntactic alignmentNominative/AccusativeArchaeon
LEG LegimEvidentiality distinctionsNot usedArchaeon
LEG LegimAnimacy distinctionsNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimCopula droppingNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimDouble negativesNot possibleArchaeon
LEG LegimCoding of evidentialityNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimIndefinite articleNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun incorporationNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimRetroflex consonantsNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimMarked transitivity (verb)NoneArchaeon
LEG LegimValence decreasing voicesNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimValence increasing voicesNoneArchaeon
LEG LegimMarked voice (verb)NoneArchaeon
LEG LegimSuppletion in pluractional formsNo suppletionArchaeon
LEG LegimVerb agreementObject (direct) onlyArchaeon
LEG LegimPerfectOther particle/auxiliaryArchaeon
LEG LegimMarked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfectiveArchaeon
LEG LegimDual pluractional formsGrouped with pluralArchaeon
LEG LegimPluractionalityYesArchaeon
LEG LegimUnmarked tensePresentArchaeon
LEG LegimReciprocalsPronounArchaeon
LEG LegimReflexivesPronounArchaeon
LEG LegimPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Archaeon
LEG LegimNasalsNasal stops onlyArchaeon
LEG LegimPossessor-possessee orderPossessee firstArchaeon
LEG LegimMass/noncount nounsTreated as singularArchaeon
LEG LegimNoun numbersSingular/PluralArchaeon
LEG LegimPronoun numbersSingular/PluralArchaeon
LEG LegimPhonemic vowel lengthShort/LongArchaeon
LEG LegimNumber of nominal casesSix casesArchaeon
LEG LegimNumber of pronominal casesSix casesArchaeon
LEG LegimPrimary word orderSOVArchaeon
LEG LegimUvular consonantsStops and continuantsArchaeon
LEG LegimReduplication functionVerb tenseArchaeon
LEG LegimFixed stress locationUltimate (last)Archaeon
LEG LegimPhonation typesVoiced/ voicelessArchaeon
LEG LegimClick phonationsNo clicksArchaeon
LEG LegimClick releasesNo clicksArchaeon
LEG LegimPronoun dropping?YesArchaeon
LEG LegimStress marked?Yes - otherArchaeon
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