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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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MKW Middle KwangBase counting systemDecimal (10)dendana
MKW Middle KwangPronoun persons1st/2nd persons onlydendana
MKW Middle KwangSyllable structureComplexdendana
MKW Middle KwangToneComplex system (3+ or contour tones)dendana
MKW Middle KwangAlienabilityAlienable/inalienabledendana
MKW Middle KwangPossession distinctionsAlienable/inalienabledendana
MKW Middle KwangDouble negativesAmplify negativedendana
MKW Middle KwangMorphological typologyAnalyticaldendana
MKW Middle KwangConsonant inventory sizeAveragedendana
MKW Middle KwangConsonant-vowel ratioAveragedendana
MKW Middle KwangPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/dendana
MKW Middle KwangLabial typesLabials and /w/dendana
MKW Middle KwangVowel phonationModal and creakydendana
MKW Middle KwangPrimary writing systemConscriptdendana
MKW Middle KwangDemonstrative proximityDistal/Proximaldendana
MKW Middle KwangPrimary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)dendana
MKW Middle KwangPerfectParticle/auxiliary derived from 'finish' or 'already'dendana
MKW Middle KwangRelative clause headGappeddendana
MKW Middle KwangPronoun-noun possessionPossessive adjective/pronoundendana
MKW Middle KwangAdposition head-directionalityHead initialdendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun head-directionalityHead initialdendana
MKW Middle KwangVerb head-directionalityHead initialdendana
MKW Middle KwangInclusive/exclusive pronounsInclusive onlydendana
MKW Middle KwangVowel inventory sizeLargedendana
MKW Middle KwangScript typeLogographicdendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun-numeral orderNumeral firstdendana
MKW Middle KwangNegation markingModal/Particle/Auxiliarydendana
MKW Middle KwangFuture tenseModal/Auxiliarydendana
MKW Middle KwangContour clicksNo clicksdendana
MKW Middle KwangCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsdendana
MKW Middle KwangMass/noncount nounsNo number distinctionsdendana
MKW Middle KwangVowel harmonyNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonydendana
MKW Middle KwangMorphosyntactic alignmentNeutraldendana
MKW Middle KwangUnmarked evidentialEvidentiality not useddendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun-adjective orderNoun firstdendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun-relative clause orderNoun firstdendana
MKW Middle KwangVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonydendana
MKW Middle KwangAdjective agreementNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangStress marked?Nodendana
MKW Middle KwangMarked aspect (verb)Nonedendana
MKW Middle KwangUnmarked moodNo mooddendana
MKW Middle KwangMarked tense (verb)No marked tensedendana
MKW Middle KwangEvidentiality distinctionsNot useddendana
MKW Middle KwangCopula droppingNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangDefinite articleNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangCoding of evidentialityNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangFixed stress locationNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangGendersNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun numbersNo numbersdendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun incorporationNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangRetroflex consonantsNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangUvular consonantsNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangPhonemic vowel lengthNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangVerb agreementNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangOptativeNonedendana
MKW Middle KwangMarked person (verb)Nonedendana
MKW Middle KwangTense/aspect suppletionNeitherdendana
MKW Middle KwangMarked transitivity (verb)Nonedendana
MKW Middle KwangMarked voice (verb)Nonedendana
MKW Middle KwangPast tense remotenessNo grammatical past tensedendana
MKW Middle KwangDual pluractional formsNo pluractionalitydendana
MKW Middle KwangSuppletion in pluractional formsNo pluractionalitydendana
MKW Middle KwangPluractionalityNodendana
MKW Middle KwangUnmarked tenseNo tensedendana
MKW Middle KwangNumber of nominal casesOne casedendana
MKW Middle KwangIndefinite articleOtherdendana
MKW Middle KwangNoun-noun possessionOtherdendana
MKW Middle KwangRelative clause morphologyRelative particle/affixdendana
MKW Middle KwangValence decreasing voicesPassive onlydendana
MKW Middle KwangPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/dendana
MKW Middle KwangNasalsNasal stops onlydendana
MKW Middle KwangPronoun numbersSingular/Pluraldendana
MKW Middle KwangPrimary word orderSVOdendana
MKW Middle KwangAnimacy distinctionsThree distinctionsdendana
MKW Middle KwangNumber of pronominal casesTwo casesdendana
MKW Middle KwangPossessor-possessee orderVariesdendana
MKW Middle KwangPhonation typesVoiced/ voiceless/ aspirateddendana
MKW Middle KwangClick phonationsNo clicksdendana
MKW Middle KwangClick releasesNo clicksdendana
MKW Middle KwangPronoun dropping?Yesdendana
MKW Middle KwangConstituent dislocation possibleYesdendana
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