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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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NPD NapeadaPast tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessLime
NPD NapeadaPronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd personsLime
NPD NapeadaTense/aspect suppletionAspect and tenseLime
NPD NapeadaSyllable structureComplexLime
NPD NapeadaBase counting systemSenary (6)Lime
NPD NapeadaPronoun-noun possessionAffix/CliticLime
NPD NapeadaAnimacy distinctionsAnimate/InanimateLime
NPD NapeadaScript typeAlphabetLime
NPD NapeadaMarked voice (verb)Active, Middle, and PassiveLime
NPD NapeadaConsonant-vowel ratioAverageLime
NPD NapeadaVowel inventory sizeAverageLime
NPD NapeadaMarked tense (verb)Past, Present, FutureLime
NPD NapeadaPresence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/Lime
NPD NapeadaLabial typesLabials (bilabials and labiodentals) onlyLime
NPD NapeadaReduplication functionCausative, applicativeLime
NPD NapeadaValence increasing voicesCausative and ApplicativeLime
NPD NapeadaDemonstrative proximityDistal/ProximalLime
NPD NapeadaPrimary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)Lime
NPD NapeadaReduplication formFull reduplicationLime
NPD NapeadaMorphological typologyFusionalLime
NPD NapeadaNoun-noun possessionGenitive or possessive caseLime
NPD NapeadaAdposition head-directionalityHead initialLime
NPD NapeadaNoun head-directionalityHead initialLime
NPD NapeadaVerb head-directionalityHead initialLime
NPD NapeadaPrimary writing systemLatin (Extended)Lime
NPD NapeadaVowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)Lime
NPD NapeadaFuture tenseVerb conjugationLime
NPD NapeadaNoun-numeral orderNumeral firstLime
NPD NapeadaNegation markingModal/Particle/AuxiliaryLime
NPD NapeadaConsonant inventory sizeModerately smallLime
NPD NapeadaNumber of nominal casesEight cases or moreLime
NPD NapeadaNumber of pronominal casesEight cases or moreLime
NPD NapeadaContour clicksNo clicksLime
NPD NapeadaCoarticulation / Consonant seriesNoneLime
NPD NapeadaGlottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsLime
NPD NapeadaPronoun dropping?NoLime
NPD NapeadaToneNo phonemic toneLime
NPD NapeadaAlienabilityNo alienabilityLime
NPD NapeadaPossession distinctionsNoneLime
NPD NapeadaVowel harmonyNoneLime
NPD NapeadaVowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonyLime
NPD NapeadaDouble negativesCancel each otherLime
NPD NapeadaUnmarked evidentialEvidentiality not usedLime
NPD NapeadaNoun-adjective orderNoun firstLime
NPD NapeadaNoun-relative clause orderNoun firstLime
NPD NapeadaVowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonyLime
NPD NapeadaAdjective agreementNoneLime
NPD NapeadaConstituent dislocation possibleNoLime
NPD NapeadaStress marked?NoLime
NPD NapeadaMorphosyntactic alignmentNominative/AccusativeLime
NPD NapeadaEvidentiality distinctionsNot usedLime
NPD NapeadaCopula droppingNoneLime
NPD NapeadaDefinite articleNoneLime
NPD NapeadaCoding of evidentialityNoneLime
NPD NapeadaFixed stress locationNoneLime
NPD NapeadaGendersNoneLime
NPD NapeadaInclusive/exclusive pronounsNo distinctionLime
NPD NapeadaIndefinite articleNoneLime
NPD NapeadaNoun incorporationNoneLime
NPD NapeadaRetroflex consonantsNoneLime
NPD NapeadaUvular consonantsNoneLime
NPD NapeadaPhonemic vowel lengthNoneLime
NPD NapeadaVerb agreementNoneLime
NPD NapeadaMarked person (verb)NoneLime
NPD NapeadaMarked transitivity (verb)NoneLime
NPD NapeadaDual pluractional formsNo pluractionalityLime
NPD NapeadaSuppletion in pluractional formsNo pluractionalityLime
NPD NapeadaPluractionalityNoLime
NPD NapeadaUnmarked tenseNo unmarked tenseLime
NPD NapeadaUnmarked moodNo unmarked moodLime
NPD NapeadaPerfectOther particle/auxiliaryLime
NPD NapeadaValence decreasing voicesPassive and MiddleLime
NPD NapeadaMarked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfectiveLime
NPD NapeadaRelative clause headRelative pronounLime
NPD NapeadaRelative clause morphologyRelative pronounLime
NPD NapeadaPresence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Lime
NPD NapeadaPolar question markingQuestion particleLime
NPD NapeadaReciprocalsIdentical to reflexiveLime
NPD NapeadaNasalsNasal stops onlyLime
NPD NapeadaPossessor-possessee orderPossessee firstLime
NPD NapeadaMass/noncount nounsTreated as singularLime
NPD NapeadaPronoun numbersSingular/Dual/PluralLime
NPD NapeadaNoun numbersSingular/PluralLime
NPD NapeadaOptativeOther verb conjugation usedLime
NPD NapeadaPrimary word orderSVOLime
NPD NapeadaPhonation typesVoiced/ voicelessLime
NPD NapeadaReflexivesVoiceLime
NPD NapeadaClick phonationsNo clicksLime
NPD NapeadaClick releasesNo clicksLime
NPD NapeadaPolar question answersYes/NoLime
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