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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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XMY Mayato MK2Past tense remotenessNo degrees of remoteness藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Base counting systemDecimal (10)藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Pronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd persons藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Marked person (verb)1st/2nd/3rd persons藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Syllable structureModerate (CVC max)藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Coding of evidentialityAffix or clitic藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Pronoun-noun possessionAffix/Clitic藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Negation markingAffix藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun-adjective orderAdjective first藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2AlienabilityAlienable/inalienable藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Possession distinctionsAlienable/inalienable藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Script typeAlphabet藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Consonant-vowel ratioAverage藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Vowel inventory sizeAverage藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Presence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, and /d/藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Labial typesBoth labials and labiovelars藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Primary directional systemAbsolute cardinal (north/east...)藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Valence increasing voicesCausative and Applicative藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun incorporationCompound incorporation藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Primary writing systemConscript藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Unmarked moodDeclarative or indicative藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Unmarked evidentialDirect/witness/firsthand藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Demonstrative proximityDistal/Proximal藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Morphosyntactic alignmentFluid-S藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Reduplication formFull reduplication藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Relative clause headGapped藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Adposition head-directionalityHead final藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun head-directionalityHead final藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Verb head-directionalityHead final藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Evidentiality distinctionsIndirectivity藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Polar question markingInterrogative verb marking藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Coarticulation / Consonant series(Labio)velar/ plain藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Reduplication functionMultiple functions藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Vowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun-numeral orderNumeral first藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Consonant inventory sizeModerately large藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Contour clicksNo clicks藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Glottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonants藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2ToneNo phonemic tone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Vowel harmonyNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Vowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmony藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Vowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmony藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Relative clause morphologyNot morphologically marked藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Constituent dislocation possibleNo藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Stress marked?No藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Animacy distinctionsNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Copula droppingNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Definite articleNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Double negativesNot possible藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Inclusive/exclusive pronounsNo distinction藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Indefinite articleNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Retroflex consonantsNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Uvular consonantsNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Phonemic vowel lengthNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Future tenseNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Tense/aspect suppletionNeither藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Marked transitivity (verb)None藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Valence decreasing voicesNone藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Number of nominal casesOne case藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Number of pronominal casesOne case藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Adjective agreementOther藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Marked voice (verb)Other藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Fixed stress locationPenultimate藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Marked aspect (verb)Perfective and imperfective藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Dual pluractional formsGrouped with plural藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2PluractionalityYes藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Morphological typologyPolysynthetic藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Possessor-possessee orderPossessor first藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Unmarked tensePresent藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun-noun possessionInserts a possessive pronoun藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Marked tense (verb)Past, Non-Past藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun-relative clause orderRelative clause first藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2NasalsNasal stops only藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Mass/noncount nounsTreated as singular藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Noun numbersSingular/Plural藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Pronoun numbersSingular/Plural藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Verb agreementAll three (subject + objects)藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Primary word orderSOV藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Suppletion in pluractional formsSuppletion藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Presence of /p/, /t/, and /k//t/, and /k/藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Phonation typesVoiced/ voiceless藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2ReciprocalsVoice藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2ReflexivesVoice藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Click phonationsNo clicks藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Click releasesNo clicks藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Pronoun dropping?Yes藤咲瑠奈
XMY Mayato MK2Polar question answersYes/No藤咲瑠奈
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