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This page allows you to compare typological data across conlangs on CWS.
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YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Past tense remotenessNo degrees of remotenessAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Base counting systemDuodecimal (12)Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Pronoun persons1st/2nd/3rd personsAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Syllable structureComplexAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Script typeAbjadAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Marked voice (verb)Active and PassiveAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Negation markingAdverbAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Morphological typologyAgglutinativeAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Double negativesAmplify negativeAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Reduplication functionAugmentative, intensityAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Consonant inventory sizeAverageAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Consonant-vowel ratioAverageAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Vowel inventory sizeAverageAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Marked tense (verb)Past, Present, FutureAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Presence of /b/, /d/, and /g//b/, /d/, and /g/Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Labial typesLabials and /w/Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Primary writing systemConscriptAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Unmarked moodDeclarative or indicativeAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Demonstrative proximityDistal/Medial/ProximalAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Marked transitivity (verb)Ditransitive onlyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Primary directional systemRelative egocentric (right/left)Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Reduplication formFull reduplicationAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun-noun possessionGenitive and construct casesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Pronoun-noun possessionGenitive and construct casesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Verb head-directionalityHead finalAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Adposition head-directionalityHead initialAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun head-directionalityHead initialAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Inclusive/exclusive pronounsDistinct formsAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Vowel phonationNo distinctions (modal only)Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Valence increasing voicesMultiple applicativesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Future tenseVerb conjugationAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)GendersMasculine/FeminineAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun-numeral orderNumeral firstAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Contour clicksNo clicksAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Glottalised consonantsNo glottalised consonantsAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)ToneNo phonemic toneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)AlienabilityNo alienabilityAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Possession distinctionsNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Vowel harmonyNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Vowel harmony scopeNo vowel harmonyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Adjective agreementNumber and classAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Unmarked evidentialEvidentiality not usedAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun-adjective orderNoun firstAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun-relative clause orderNoun firstAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Vowel harmony exemptionsNo vowel harmonyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Stress marked?NoAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Marked aspect (verb)NoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Morphosyntactic alignmentNominative/AccusativeAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Evidentiality distinctionsNot usedAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Animacy distinctionsNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Copula droppingNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Definite articleNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Coding of evidentialityNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Fixed stress locationNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Indefinite articleNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun incorporationNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Retroflex consonantsNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Uvular consonantsNoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Marked person (verb)NoneAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Tense/aspect suppletionNeitherAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Dual pluractional formsNo pluractionalityAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Suppletion in pluractional formsNo pluractionalityAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)PluractionalityNoAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Coarticulation / Consonant seriesOther (2 distinctions)Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Relative clause morphologyRelative particle/affixAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Valence decreasing voicesPassive onlyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Unmarked tensePresentAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Relative clause headRelative pronounAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)ReciprocalsPronounAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Presence of /p/, /t/, and /k//p/, /t/, and /k/Ahzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Polar question markingQuestion particleAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)NasalsNasal stops onlyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Possessor-possessee orderPossessee firstAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Noun numbersSingular/PluralAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Pronoun numbersSingular/PluralAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Phonemic vowel lengthShort/LongAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Primary word orderSOVAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Verb agreementSubject onlyAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)OptativeOther verb conjugation usedAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Number of nominal casesTwo casesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Number of pronominal casesTwo casesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Mass/noncount nounsVariesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)ReflexivesVoiceAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Phonation typesVoiced/ voiceless/ ejectiveAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Click phonationsNo clicksAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Click releasesNo clicksAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Pronoun dropping?YesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Constituent dislocation possibleYesAhzoh
YVU Vrkhazhian (Uzerian)Polar question answersYes/NoAhzoh
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