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Lesson #2 - Word order
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A deeper delve into Word order including question words, tense indicators, adjectives, and Adverbs
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From Lesson 1 we learned that Songlan follows a OSV structure. now this will be complicated.

First of and most simply Adjectives (ADJ)
Adjectives can be used as the object of the sentence (eg. He is Happy, Hyma Gö Si), adjectives describing the object most take the form of ADJ + Possession Marker + Object, eg I eat Blue Food, Söbari ' Nöd ' Faro ' Go ' Fa. So now we have the structure (ADJ)OSV.

Adverbs (ADV)
Adverbs go before the verb, SO in English it would look like I quickly ran, in Songlan it would be Go ' Morikrm ' Mokmi. The adverb should always be right before the verb it takes full priority. The structure now follows (ADJ)OS(ADV)V

Negative Marker (NEG)

Songlan's one and only negative marker is Bym. Bym goes before the verb and acts distinctly. Bym can be used in present and past and future to negate action. The structure hereby follows (ADJ)OS(NEG)(ADV)V

Tense Markers (MARK)

Tense Markers will always follow the verb. In cases where there are multiple tenses in a sentence, a conjunctive or Mypi (a connector not translated into a word, similar to 'then'). This means the sentence now follows (ADJ)OS(NEG)(ADV)V(MARK)

Question Words (QST) (SQP)
Question words (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How) are always at the start start of the sentence. So this would follow (QST)(ADJ)OS(NEG)(ADV)V(MARK) however there is also a special question particle (Göli) for the idea of is, always answered by a yes or now. This special particle is always at the end of the sentence and will be after tense marks. The special question particle is alway dropped in cases in which a question word is used.

So finally, Songlan's Full Sentence structure is (QST)(ADJ)OS(NEG)(ADV)V(MARK)(SQP)
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