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Introduction: A Concise History
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I want to explain the backdrop of the story some.
This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 1 May 2018, 13:32.

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[edit] [top]Housekeeping:

I will be posting here simply to help friends who might be interested discover the language, and to get input from the conlanging community. These articles are copy-pasted from my main textbook of the language. I hope you aren't bored to tears.

[edit] [top]The Short Version

This is a quick summary of the story world I've created for a series of books I've been working on.

In the mid 1990s, an insane scientist named Nicholas Pulcher decided he had the tools necessary to take over the world. Actually, not the entire world, but a way to split our world into two versions in a multiverse parallel timeline. This requires me to explain some of the (not scientifically supported) time travel theory. My thoughts concerning this assume that time is not a dimension, as some people claim, but rather an Aspect of reality. We have two Aspects that concern us at the moment: Space and Time. Space has three dimensions we can interact with, and time has one, but that doesn’t declare the impossibility of higher time dimensions, just like we know from mathematics that higher spatial dimensions also exist.

Time is difficult to pin down as a thing in general. In my theory, we are clearly moving through this dimension, but only in one direction. If we are moving, then that would suggest something is propelling us through time. That something is gravity, or anti gravity in this case. Einstein noted that gravity bends light and time. We can think of it like this: we know that gravity slows down the passage of time for people. We saw that in Interstellar (which was based almost entirely upon real science, especially the part I’m talking about). By extension, my claim is that if there exist bodies that exert anti gravity, then being near them would in fact speed up the passage of time. It’s a little off topic but stay with me if you got this far.

What Pulcher discovered is something in my theory called transitional space, with the last way nature manipulates time: time reflex. What I mean by time reflex is essentially the space in which parallel timelines exist, and it constantly tries to force similar universes together. We’ve heard of the Droste effect and Jinne Particles, that is, self-similarity and Reiterated Time Periods. We like to talk about paradoxes in time travel, like the grandfather paradox. If you go back in time and kill your grandfather before you yourself were born, will you ever be born? In my theory, the answer is yes and no. The moment you go back in time, the timeline diverges creating a parallel universe. The difference, however, is that the universe is only different in the places where you’ve affected them. Time reflex demands that the universes remerge at some point in all areas, and so the divergent timelines play with one another until the particles in each are similar enough for them to be indistinguishable, and life goes on after that.

What Pulcher decided to do was create his own parallel universe and never let it remerge. He thought that because he “created” it, he was technically pulling the strings. He’s not, by the way, but he is a villain, and they frequently suffer from ego-addiction. In 1996, he went back in time several days to assassinate the newly elected president of the US, forcing the entire world into a parallel universe, then staying in his newly created timeline, he began trying to pull strings and get himself into a leadership position, he and his doppelganger. In 2000, he’s successful and immediately tries to make himself dictator for life, and somehow (probably using his mind-altering technologies Doctor Who style) he gets enough of the nation on his side to do so. After he wins the 2004 election, the mid and southwestern states decide they’ve had enough of his taxation and imperialistic views and secede from the Union with support from both China and Russia, forming Eutliis. This split the US into 5 regions: The Democratic Republic of America, The Southern Federation, The Western Confederation, The Republic of Pacific Territories, and of course Eutliis. Russia and China entered an alliance with the newly formed Eutliis under the agreement that Russia would get to control the West Coast (creating a puppet state), China would likewise get to control the East coast and much of the land east of Eutliis. The war for independence was pathetically short. Two very powerful countries take their opportunity against a crippled superpower. The national guard were required to switch sides or be either imprisoned or deported. Those on military bases were likewise treated. After the war, they put in place an open doors immigration policy (part of the original agreement with China and Russia) for ten years, after which new citizenship would be defined and life would go on.

A problem, however, became apparent with national identity. At first, the nation called itself the North American Republic, but that didn’t set the new nation apart from the rest of the former United States. They needed something else. The answer came to be the same thing Israel did: create cultural artifacts for its citizens. Israel revived Hebrew for modern usage. The North American Republic constructed a new language, Aamyeriets, to give them a culture. The team of linguists hired for the job decided on these factors: ease of acquisition for English speakers primarily. The following pages hold what they came up with.
The name they coined, Eutliis, is an Aamyeriets word which represents the national philosophy of Consent of the Governed, Separation of Powers, and The Right of the people to revolt and set up a new government. The framers of their new constitution hoped that if they put more emphasis on the freedoms of the people, they might avoid another revolution altogether.

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