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Mantiqo Syntax
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 29 Nov 2019, 12:22.

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Menu 1. Basic Transitive Sentences 2. Basic Intransitive Sentences 3. Simple Commands 4. Possession Statements 5. Simple Relative Clauses 6. Basic Questions
[edit] [top]Basic Transitive Sentences

VSO word order. Pronouns often embedded in verb.
[edit] [top]Basic Intransitive Sentences

Subject before verb. Pronouns only occasionally embedded in verb.
[edit] [top]Simple Commands

SVO, with subject in the vocative. Pronouns often embedded in verb.
[edit] [top]Possession Statements

These correspond to verbs of having.
Object in instrumental comitative + stative verb in infinitive that agrees with the subject + subject in dative, formally, or nominative, informally.
[edit] [top]Simple Relative Clauses

V plus any nouns, all after the modifier. Pronouns almost always embedded. Verb takes relative clause marker
[edit] [top]Basic Questions

OSV word order, with no additional particles. Pronouns cannot be embedded in verb.
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