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size, length, direction
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absolute insanity
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Size, length, and direction words are unusual, because they are primarily absolute (not in terms of anything else). The size and length words can all be used as suffixes, and they are useful for describing new physical stimuli by abstract shape or function. Size and length words can also be used on qualitative or measuring words like "difficulty" or "softness" analogously. "huge difficult" --> very hard....

[edit] [top]Direction

Just compass directions. Deer can subconsciously know the magnetic field.
ScriptRomanizedMeaning ScriptRomanizedMeaning
utuututhe north lubulubuthe south
p̿álakip̿álakithe west nulukinulukithe east
axaaxahigh (direction normal to the ground) kulakulalow (direction going into the ground)

For two or three dimensions. There's an especially absurd amount of size words. This table gives examples for humans to have a better idea of what to think are these sizes, and fuzzy boundaries. Many example derivations are yet to be filled in...
ScriptRomanizedMeaningJust rightLower boundUpper boundSample Derivation
pucucupucucusomething essentially too small to perceive. (often shortened to -pucu) pollen, mite[none]flea, snowflakenu^bupu^cu "needle", main word is "tube"
phunuphunusomething so small it's hard to feel. ant, sandflour, mist dropletladybugáóhuphúnu"laser", main word is "light-beam"
dijidijisomething that might be pinched between two fingers. cranberry, acornbeeshrewk̿órudíji"pebble", main word is "rock"
rukkirukkisomething that might be held in one hand. apple, baseballmousegrapefruitlínkhirúkka"shrimp", main word is "crawfish"
bucubucusomething that might be carried with both front limbs. bathroom sinktextbookbackpackácóubúcu"puddle", main word is "lake"
zihúcuzihúcusomething about half as big as a person. 11-year-old childviolin casepublic trashcan[WIP]
khínnukhínnusomething about as big as a person. cougararmchairrefrigerator[WIP]
khoikhoisomething a few times as big as a person. vantigerliving room[WIP]
barabarasomething about as big as a house.oak treegas stationhotel[WIP]
zigílazigílasomething you might walk around without tiring blockneighborhoodCentral Park (New York)[WIP]
inúvuinúvusomething you might walk around in a continuous journey.Shanghai, ChinaLondon, EnglandHaiti[WIP]
toritorisomething as big as a biome.TexasSlovakiaIndiazínaritóri"grassland", main word is "field"
tiphutiphusomething as big as anything you can see.EarthAsiaSunóbocaphatíphu"asteroid", main word is "debris"
uinbauinbasomething as big as the cosmos itself.Milky WaySolar Systemobservable universelótúinba"black hole", main word is "hole"

[edit] [top]Length

For one dimension only, it's slightly less specific than the sizes. For longer lengths, they actually just combine with the sizes (perhaps with extra "~xixa" affix).
All animals mentioned as samples are standing on their back legs.
ScriptRomanizedMeaningJust rightLower boundUpper boundSample Derivation
ja_uja_uflat: something with thickness very hard to perceive.paper[none]coasterdírajá_u"foil", from "metal"
hilluhillusomething thin enough to pinch tightly.laptop, blanketricequilt[WIP]
hafanhafansomething about hand-length (wrist to fingertip).pencil, paintbrushcrayon30 cm ruler[WIP]
vi_uvi_usomething about forearm-length.pine martenferretfox[WIP]
khúánrikhúánrisomething 50% to 100% tall as a person.gazellecoyoteimpala[WIP]
nohinohisomething taller than avg person but still land animal size.siberian tigercougarelephantkívanóha"alligator", from "lizard"
zubuzubusomething up to 30x taller than a person (building size).residential wind turbinehumpback whalecoast redwood treehaátuzúbu"palm tree", from "fern"

[edit] [top]Add-ons

Extra fun suffixes for size/length words. These modifiers aren't just for size/length words, but they mean something a bit different here.
~xin~xinBarely: towards lower end of the size group.
~fin~finSomewhat: towards average of the size group.
~ruu~ruuVery: towards upper end of the size group.
~anruu~anruPretty much just "~fin"...

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