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Grammar 1
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Yep, Crystalandien has genders. In difference to English, Crystalandien's nouns has their own gender: masculine or femenine. The genre could be aleatory, so there's not a rule for genres.

With animals, it's easy to know because of the gender of the animal: a caitou is a he-cat and a caitounne is a she-cat. This tip could also be used in nouns that are related to humans: in English, Sister is femenine and Brother is masculine.
Jobs are included in this tip: a doctorie is a masculine-doctor and a doctoriee is a femenine-doctor.

In Animals, Demonyms and Jobs, the gender is easy to know:
*In Animals, all the femenines end in "-nne". If the word doesn't finish in "-nne", it's a masculine.
*In Demonyms, all the masculines finish in "-ien", but some exceptions finish in "eur/eun", "ên" or "en". All the femenines finish in "-ian", but some excepcions finish in "eer/een", ""ân" or "an".
*In Jobs, all the femenines ends in "-ee". If the word doesn't finish in "-ee", it's a masculine.

Other nouns can be dintinguished by how it ends:
*Nouns that finish in "-itê" or "âtê/êtê/ôtê", are always femenine.
*Nouns that finish in "-que", are always femenine.
*Nouns that finish in "-ette", are always in femenine.

Some groups of nouns has only one gender:
*Days of the week (masculine)
*Intenal organs (masculine)

But, some nouns doesn't have gender:

If you don't want to learn each gender, just search the word in Spanish and look at its gender. Crystalandien's gender nouns are the same in Spanish.
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