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Enar-Lentzic, Enari, Lentzic, Cumainesh
This public article was written by Yrieix Groulx, and last updated on 31 Dec 2016, 09:25.

Cumainesh (modern) A aB bG gD dE eH hI iV vZ zJ jK kL lM mN nO oS sP pR rX xT tU uY yF f
/a//b/, /β//g/, /ɣ//d/, /ð//ɛ~e//x/, /ɣ//i//β//z//ʒ//k//l//m//n//ɔ~o//s/, /z//p//ɾ//ʃ/, /ʒ//t//u//ə//ɸ/
Enar-Lentzic aābgdeēhiīuūzjklmnoōsθprçtöȫfy
Enari avgdehïiuzjklmnoprstöf
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