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Kalendárion de Rugia
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The Rugian Calendar
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Menu 1. Date System 2. Months 3. The Week The Rugian calendar is the civic calendar of Rugia. It is based on the old Icelandic calendar, which dates from the 10th century. The calendar has 12 months, each of which begin on a certain day of the week. This means that dates are on the same day of the week each year.

Kalendárion de Rugiá a cívisso kalendárion de Rugiá é. Da drivíst frá da nóreno kalendarión, cí frá séklon X. Kalendárion a tovec kué aba, cí on inía pá vis dagí de vikán. Ci ména cí daté é pá da samo dagon de vikán und on annó.

[edit] [top]Date System

Years are counted almost the same as the Gregorian calendar, but the new year is on a different date (eqivalent to a date between October 21-27,) which can cause some inconsistency. In addition, there is no "A.D." or "B.C."; the date is simply marked with a + or -. For example, March 22, 1999 can be written as Enkúi 2 +1999 in the Rugian calendar.

Anní é töias kas sam sem Grégoriano kalendarion, men da nio annon é pá annara data (cí é samosso a data intre ottóbro 21 e 27) cí geta at nóg unkóntanisa.

[edit] [top]Months

Each month begins on a certain day of a certain week of each season. This means that dates are on the same day of the week every year. The months are as follows:

GorikúWinter1SaturdayOct. 21-27
IolikúWinter5MondayNov. 20-26
RutkúWinter9WednesdayDec. 20-26
TórWinter13FridayJan. 19-25
Winter18SundayFeb. 18-24
EnkúWinter22TuesdayMar. 21-27
ArpSummer26ThursdayApr. 20-26
SkópraSummer31SaturdayMay 19-25
SolakúSummer35MondayJun. 18-24
ÖkúSummer40SundayJul. 22-28
TekúSummer44TuesdayAug. 21-27
ÖstikúSummer48ThursdaySep. 20-26

On every seventh year, a leap week is added to the end of Östikú, to make up for lost days. Every 700 years, another week is added.

[edit] [top]The Week

The week begins on Saturday and ends on Friday. The days are translated as follows:
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[link] [quote] [move] [edit] [del] 18-May-15 19:35 [Deactivated User]
@[Deactivated User]: yes, as that is how the seasons are usually classified.
[link] [quote] [move] [edit] [del] 18-May-15 19:29 [Deactivated User]
this is awesome. one question: are the seasons only listed as "summer" and "winter" on purpose?
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