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Iadraja: Country and Language
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Iadraja's language and government
This public article was written by Yathid, and last updated on 4 Sep 2020, 01:25.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

[top]Iadraja Overview

Содвѐсации Цедералнии Рупабликаи уль Ѧдража or The United Federal Republics of Iadraja. The С.Ц.Р.Ѧ. are a collection of Independent State Republics, which follow the Iadrajai Republic and Monarchy.

The nation is located in North Velhim, and rivals the High Elves, their enemies, in both land mass and military size. Iadraja is considered to be the oldest of the Human nations, and is also considered one of the more powerful countries of Ereon(The super continent of this fictional world).

The Government is structured in a tier like format. Note however that just because one group is in a higher tier doesn't mean that they have more power then the one below them.

1-Monarchy of Iadraja: Plays an important role in most matters, however he/she can be overridden by vote, and for the most part, plays a similar role like a president would.
2-The Republics: The nation is splite up into different Independent State Republics, each with their own army, navy, and state policies. Each State Republic has a representative who are on the King's Council.
3-The Six Councils: Each council governs a certain aspect of the government, from military to social policies etc..
4-The Great Houses: The Great Houses are a collection of Nobles who are pushing for the same goal. They try to get as many members of their own Houses in a certain council to push their ideas through.
5-The Nobles: Nobles have a very important role to government matters; being part of all government decisions.
6-The People: The people are the life blood of the Republics, they vote in the members from the Great Houses into the Six Councils. They can override most policies and decisions made by the higher tiers, and can become Nobles if they really want something changed.

[top]The State Republics

The Nation is divided up into State Republics who govern a section of land within the country. There are 11 State Republics as of now, however more can be added when needed. Here are the 11 State Republics:

-State Republic of Vnadzagad(С.Р. Внадзагад)

-State Republic of Ratsula(С.Р. Рацула)

-State Republic of Kafinad(С.Р. Кафинад)

-State Republic of Runstajna(С.Р. Рунстажна)

-State Republic of Huldan(С.Р. Хулдан)

-State Republic of Lvalin(С.Р. Лвалин)

-State Republic of Gladinyosk(С.Р. Гладинёск)

-State Republic of Iimaska(С.Р. Ꙙмаска)

-State Republic of Blas(С.Р. Блас)

-State Republic of Prothalna(С.Р. Проθална)

-State Republic of Iadraja(С.Р. Ѧдража)

This is a map of the world Ereon, which Iadraja exists. This map shows all of the larger countries and their respected territories. Areas that are gray are places that have too many Single city states to put in this map, or are areas that are made up of Tribes.
Балини = Tribes
Шусютоии Сюсаи = Indepentent States
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