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Tanaþekńabmi Literature
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A survey of literary genres
This public article was written by Camera244, and last updated on 15 May 2019, 23:48.

[comments] Menu 1. Epic Poetry 2. Sacred Theatre/Music 3. Legal/Religious 4. Annals 5. Mercantile
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[top]Epic Poetry

Alliterative and ABAB rhyme scheme of 12 syllables each
4 line stanzas
Parallelism, trochaic matched stress

Begins in medias res.
The setting is vast, covering many nations, the world or the universe.
Begins with an invocation to a muse (epic invocation).
Begins with a statement of the theme.
Includes the use of epithets.
Contains long lists, called an epic catalogue.
Features long and formal speeches.
Shows divine intervention on human affairs.
Features heroes that embody the values of the civilization.
Often features the tragic hero's descent into the underworld or hell.

[top]Sacred Theatre/Music


The exemplar text of standard writing, classic and religious text of the law. Dry and terse, with flowery religious language interspersed between sections. Long converb phrases called "" are used extensively.


King lists, basic events based on the sidereal calendar. Only records movement of capital and astronomical events.


Inventory list fragments

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