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The Cere:adei Writing System
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Cere:adei guli:nuɂa / ciguicu
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 27 Oct 2022, 17:17.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Cere:adei has a very simple-to-use writing system. It is an alphasyllabary, or abugida. There are also, for some circumstances, special characters to write full words, like in a logography.

The usual order of "letters" goes: < a, na, ŋa, da, ta, ca, ga, sa, xa, ra, la, wa, ya, ɂa, e, i, u >. When a syllable contains the vowel /a/, no alteration to the symbol takes place. If the syllable contains any other vowel, the consonant character is placed on top of the vowel character, in a fashion much like how syllables are written in Hanguel. If the syllable contains a long vowel, a bar is placed on top of the stack.

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