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chicken scrAAAAAAtch
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This public article was written by soup on 16 Jun 2018, 20:16.

[comments] Menu 1. Letters You might be thinking “why the hell is this guy trying to make a real lang out of this crap?” You might also be thinking “what would happen if I ate a whole stick of butter?” I don’t have the answers to either of those questions.

The Aaaaaa script (or ăăăăă ăaâẵãẫ ãâă ăăâă) was invented by someone who saw a bunch of lines in the bark of a tree, thought “hey, wouldn’t it be cool if lines meant stuff?”, and made this mess.

This script is so simple even a baby could hate it.

This is one of those “featural” scripts you conlangers seem to love so much. The vertical placement of the letter reflects the pitch level of the vowel, and nasalized vowels are marked with a doubled line instead of a single one (reflecting the nasal and oral passages).

The Aaaaaa script has no punctuation, and spaces between words and sentences are only optional (but likely to be used in most examples to preserve what little is left of my sanity). The following example does away with any reasonable spacing:

ẫ ẵẵăẫ ăăăăă ăaâẵãẫ ãâă ăăâă
I’m writing in the Aaaaaa script
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