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The Mirror System
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The syntax of Fei, called the Mirror System
This public article was written by Drakynfly, and last updated on 9 Dec 2017, 00:28.

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Standard syntax (OVS):

Adverb placement in standard syntax(OVS):

Genitive syntax (OVS):

Standard compound syntax (OSV/VOS):

Adverb placement in compound syntax (OSV/VOS):

Genitive compound syntax (OSV/VOS):


The property of shifting closer to the verb is called Positive, while moving away from the verb is called Negative. Some affixes are Positive, but most are Negative. Nouns and stative verbs that have alternate forms depending on if they are pre- or post- verbal exist, and are listed in the dictionary as their Postverbal form, and have a conjugation listed for the Preverbal form. These words are typically either compounds, of which the two words of the compound flip order, or affixed words, where the affix switched sides, to either stay away from, or stay near, the verb.

Determiners are an example of a free-standing polarity, that is, determiners are words that are not affixed to specific words, but affix to whatever is closer to the verb than them. They are therefore Positive Free-standing.

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