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Lesson #3 Detail Words
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Adjectives and Adverbs
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13. Word Order ? ?
. SleAd pet . Detail Words

In Arusian, advectives and adverbs are the same, always having s at the end. These are called Detail Words or SleAd pet (Tep deiels).
Detail words after nouns are adjectives and ones after verbs are adverbs. It's Simple!

Adjective are in Blue. Adverbs are in Red

. rs surb cev . Latin Script: |Vek brus sr| English: A blue car goes.
. scAv rs cev . Latin Script: |Vek sr veikr| English: A car goes quickly.
. scAv rs surb ara cev . Latin Script: |Vek ara brus sr veiks|English: A blue Airplane goes quickly.
. cev arg rns scAv rs scAv cev . Latin Script: |Vek veiks sr veiks snr gra vek|English: A fast car goes quickly on the highway.
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