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Katrashtani National Anthem
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Created in 1991, during the Katrashtani Independence Movement.
This public article was written by Katrasho, and last updated on 28 Jun 2018, 04:54.

[comments]  Katrashtani:
Katractan, catton ti katrac in cakkapi!
Ja taniov sarasa! Jiakgarro, Katractan!

Ro ororro ruvvikov tovtantun ti iarri!
Kunigarro katracon, un iarrio catdokov.

Tiavor un notokiov, un sonsin vuvokov!
Jiakgarro, iarrio! Jiakgarro, Katractan!

English Translation:
Katrashtan, land of joy, valor and bravery!
Glory to our Land! Live for long, Katrashtan!

No unrest, storm or war will put out our fire!
Do not fear, little one, our Land will prevail.

After the dark of night, the sun will again rise!
Live for long, our Land! Live for long, Katrashtan!

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