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CWS Events
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Overview of CWS events
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 18 Oct 2021, 15:10.

[comments] [history] Menu 1. LotM (monthly) 2. Gramuary (annual) 3. CoWriMo (annual) 4. TranslApril (annual) 5. The CWS Hashis (annual) 6. ReCONstruct (annual) 7. ConDesign (annual) 8. ComiCon (annual) 9. Lexember (annual) At CWS, we have regular events to engage members, inspire creativity, and motivate language creation. This article gives you an overview of what these are! Most events are run for one month in the year (with the exception of LotM) and require you to join the relevant clan*. But don't worry, we give you heaps of warning!

The annual events are run by CWS staff, and there is generally planned to be one event every second month; we don't want to overload you!

*All members by default are joined in the LotM clan - however you can opt out if you wish.

Most events are designed to help you with your conlang building: such as the Lexember and Gramuary events, or encourage you to use the language either in writing (CoWriMo) or as part of something culturally significant to your language speakers' culture (ConDesign).

If you have ideas for some events that CWS can run, feel free to submit a detailed suggestion report and we'll consider the idea. If we go ahead with it, you might even be able to run it!

[top]LotM (monthly)

Language of the Month
When: Every calendar month
Run by: @LotM Bot
LotM (Language of the Month) is a monthly event to highlight and showcase one of our members' languages. The winning language gets an article written about it, and this is added to the CWS homepage for the duration of the month.

On the first of the month before, we open up the floor to nominations. This is a chance for members to nominate languages that have caught their eye, or that they simply love for whatever reason. Around mid month, nominations close, and the languages that are nominated are put up for a vote. The winner is the language with the most votes by the end of the month.

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]Gramuary (annual)

When: January
Run by: @Gramuary Bot
Gramuary (Grammar January) is an annual event during the month of January aimed at assisting the creation of grammar, and to fill gaps in a conlangs grammar in preparation for CoWriMo. Gramuary first ran in in January 2016.

Gramuary is a bridge between the progression of Lexember (creating vocabulary) and CoWriMo (actually using your conlang). We set discussion topics throughout the month to inspire and motivate you to develop your conlangs grammar more in depth. This is an opportunity to discuss grammatical structures, seek opinions or help, or simply to test the flexibility of your language.

Each Gramuary topic will include a number of challenges in three difficulty levels.

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]CoWriMo (annual)

When: February
Run by: @CoWriMo Bot
CoWriMo (Conlang Writing Month) is an annual event during the month of February aimed at encouraging conlangers to actually use their languages. CoWriMo was first run in February 2015.

We set regular goals throughout the month so that we can track progress. There have been some pretty interesting articles so far for CoWrimo!

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]TranslApril (annual)

When: April
Run by: @TranslApril Bot
TranslApril (Translation April) is an event that premiered in April 2015. TranslApril consists of several 3-day translation relays held throughout the month. The goal is for users to translate an original sentence and each others' conlangs using only a gloss. TranslApril is designed to be carefree and whimsical, and aims to create the silliest sentences possible at the end of each relay.

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]The CWS Hashis (annual)

The CWS Hashis
When: June
Run by: @Hashis Bot
The CWS Hashis (named for CWS's founder, hashi/Jay [@hashi]) is an award-style event intended to recognize users and their works (conlangs, words, articles, and conscripts) run each June. There are currently 8 categories, for which users do the nominations. The first annual Hashis were held in June 2015.

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]ReCONstruct (annual)

When: August
Run by: @ReCONstruct Bot
ReCONstruct (Conlang Reconstruction) is a reconstruction game/challenge in which the users must reconstruct a mother language based on varied inscriptions, fragments, grammars, and examples of daughter languages - all made by the staff members. ReCONstruct is part of Duaugust, and runs concurrently with ConDesign. ReCONstruct is also one of two user-inspired events, suggested by @soup. This event was held for the first time in August 2017, check back in for details!

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]ConDesign (annual)

When: August
Run by: @ConDesign Bot
ConDesign (Conlang Design) is a concountry and conculture showcase event, designed for users to create and show off images, art, posters, and pieces of the culture of their conlangs. Think of the World's Fair - CWS style. ConDesign is part of Duaugust, and runs concurrently with ReCONstruct. ConDesign is also one of two user-inspired events, suggested by @Casidhe. This event debuted in August, 2015.

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]ComiCon (annual)

When: October
Run by: @ComiCon Bot
ComiCon (Comic Conlangery) is a comic-strip inspired event run each October. It is intended to demonstrate conlangs in a whimsical manner, and challenge users to translate the vernacular speech that is often found in comic strips. The first one ran in October 2015, so visit its clan for more information!

Read more about this on the clan page

[top]Lexember (annual)

When: December
Run by: @Lexember Bot
Lexember (Lexicon December) is a month long event run during December each year designed to help you create new words in your language and increase the size of your lexicon! While Lexember existed prior to its CWS incarnation (having first begun in 2012), Lexember began on CWS in December 2014, and was the first month-long event on the site.

Each day during December will have a theme for which you will need to create a word (or more!) related to this theme, and post it to that day's thread. Some members get creative and create images with sample sentences, but creating words is the primary goal!

Read more about this on the clan page

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