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Dag na Kat - The Eight Planes
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A brief introduction to the religion of Nithalosiä
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[comments] Menu 1. Dag - The planes 2. Tekuna Samsei - The Darkness War 3. Noiyaša antea kanar - The division of Noiyaš's spirit Nithalosia is a heteroreligious society. The country has a belief system known as Dag na Kat, or 'The Eight Planes'.

This is centered around the idea that there are eight planes (similar to a 'dimension' in modern popculture) which make up the world. Humans reside on the eighth plane - Yavara Dag (the 'Mind Plane'). All planes - bar the eighth - are each overseen by a Yaš (similar to a God).

The Yaš are all related by blood with Gruyaš and Taryaš at the head of the family. Each of the planes is responsible for occurences on the planet.

[top]Dag - The planes

Dutiae Dag - The Earth Plane
Ruled by Gruyaš. The founding plane, the basis for the entire world. Without the dutiae dag, the world could not exist. Gruyaš is the oldest of all the yaš and is known as the father of the world.

Sumvae Dag - The Water Plane
Ruled by Taryaš. The second plane is the basis for life. Taryaš, also known as the mother of the world came into existance mere moments after her husband Gruyaš.

Šensena Dag - The Nature Plane
Ruled by Samyaš. The šensena dag is responsible for growth and balance in the world. Samyaš is the eldest boy of Taryaš and Gruyaš, and father of Yoraš and Netaš.

Kasia Dag - The Wind Plane
Ruled by Šuiyaš. Unsure of her origins, Šuiyaš is the wife of Samyaš, and mother of the twins Yoraš and Netaš. She is responsible for energy and watching over travelers.

Avasa Dag - The Fire Plane
Ruled by Amvoyaš. Responsible for warmth and guidance in the world. Amvoyaš is the younger sister of Samyaš, and youngest child of Taryaš and Gruyaš.

Tekuna Dag - The Dark Plane
Ruled by Yoraš. The tekuna dag is the place of pain, despair and death. Twice Yoraš has tried to infiltrate and take over the other planes, but is always stopped by his elders. Rumor has it that he is planning a third. He is also responsible for the night cycle.

Kikara Dag - The Light Plane
Ruled by Netaš. The kikara dag is responsible for enlightenment, knowledge and joy. Netaš's parents were unaware of the younger of the twins until Yoraš was born and the world suddenly turned dark. Netaš was born shortly afterwards to bring balance back. She is the youngest of all the living yaš. She is also responsible for the day cycle.

Both Netaš and Yoraš cannot exist without the other. They bring balance to the world, and the death of either one would send the world into a destructive imbalance.

Yavara Dag - The Mind Plane
Formerly ruled by Noiyaš before the Darkness War (Tekuna Samsei). He was the third child of Samyaš and Šuiyaš. Noiyaš lost his life trying to live up to his older siblings trying to defend each of the planes from Yoraš. When Noiyaš's power overwhelmed him, he lost his life. His life force was transferred into human beings who were to rule over yavara dag from then on. In order for human beings to survive in this plane, each of the other yaš (lords) help govern and maintain the plane as without their influence, humans could not survive.

[top]Tekuna Samsei - The Darkness War

[top]Noiyaša antea kanar - The division of Noiyaš's spirit

During the Darkness War (Tekuna Samsei), the Yavara dag thrived with human beings who were the children of Noiyaš. Upon Noiyaš's death, the Yavara dag was left unattended so at the conclusion of the War, the other yaš made a pact to also assume responsibility over the Yavara dag, as well as their own dag.

From this time, each yaš had extra reponsibilities and struggled to maintain the human world. It was realised at his death that would be a problem so as a result, Noiyaš's ante (spirit) was divided into 7 kanar (parts).

The 7 kanar were instilled in 7 humans of high spiritual being to use and assume. These people are known as takit (priests). The takit have the responsibility of maintaining balance with the yaš, and contacting them in time of need. Each kanar is assigned to one of the 7 yaš. For example, the Avasae Takit has direct access to Amvoyaš through his kanar.

It was discovered some years later, that the Yavara dag became unstable with the division of Noiyaš's ante (spirit). As a result, once a year all 7 takit converge on a sacred site in the nation somewhere to celebrate Noiyaš's sacrifice and to allow the kanar to restore full stability to the dag. This event is called Neda yu Senpođ Ante (or "Week of the Complete Spirit").
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