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Language settings
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13. Pronouns
Here we will briefly go over what each of the settings for your language are.

English name
Fairly self-explanatory - what is your language called in English? This can have extended latin characters, but the main point is so we have something to call it, especially if its primarily written in a non-latin script.

Other language name
This is the name of your language, in your language.

Created by
Your name - prefilled.

Language type
What type of language is yours primarily? We realise that a lot of the time languages will fit more than one, but pick whichever is closest. If you're having trouble with that, you can also choose 'other'. If you need clarification on what each type of language is, we suggest Wikipedia :)

Language status
A measure of what point your language is at. The options are:
  • Abandoned - You have no intention of reviving this language.
  • On hold - The development/use of this language is on hold to be looked at at a later date.
  • New (default) - New language. Little construction has begun, or just in the ideas stage.
  • Progressing - The language construction is well underway, but it is not yet at a point where it can be used.
  • Functional - The language is well developed and can be used, but is not yet 'complete'
  • Complete - When you consider that the development of your language is 'complete' and you intend to develop nothing major any further.
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