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Jáhkarrá: Derivational morphology
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Derivational suffixes
This public article was written by Hastrica, and last updated on 5 Dec 2018, 16:16. Editing of this article is shared with Conlanger.

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[top]Multi-category suffixes

ahe1fellow, same group
aŋŋ3same, in the same way
dus3place associated withVery common.
eje1surprising, mirative
hp3involving violence
ihk3bad, negative, un-, dis-Nouns, verbs
ja, ji1resembling, -ishja: nouns, ji: adjectives
jea1resembling, likenouns
(l)ga3state, conditionVery common.
lii3common, usual, normal
mea1professional, master of
1institution, board, organisation
nja1collective nounVery common.
o1X timesfrom numerals
orbm3made from
os1resultative nounVery common.
ros1measure, number, quantity
roŋu1sickness, syndrome
va1abstract shape
ásk3criminal, illegal
žáin1follower of ideology

[top]Denominal nouns

aive3inhabitants, people from XJáhkavarra - Jáhkavaraive "Jáhkavarra - person from Jáhkavarra"
bbá3discipline, studyjalča - jallabbá "money - finance", reaiba - reajjabbá "life - biology"
1member ofspiiva - spiivabá "village - villager"
do1artificial, fakeeaizi - eaizido "language - conlang", állá - álládo "woman - gynoid"
eadnja3source ofvápses - vápseadnja "electricity - power outlet"
ehka3zone, fractiončilvu - čilehka "open sea - pelagic zone", lihča - lihehka "four - quarter"
ella3limp thingčorva - čorrella "move - flap"
era1fixed, immobile, persistent, standard, regularhonnja - honnjera "time - appointment", eaizi - eaizera "language - standard language"
es2material gathered fromčirba - čirpes "forest - wood", vápsa - vápses "lightning - electricity"
he1hyperdiminutiveálgu - álguhe "thing - particle", ruoŋŋo - ruoŋŋohe "blood - drop of blood"
ihpa3inclinationvuošaŋŋi - vuošaŋihpa "identical sex - homosexuality"
iná1excess, too much/manyrižžáre - rižžánáre "population - overpopulation"
is2containersullima - sullivis "crop - garden", girbma - girpmis "air - airbag"
ma1part ofrohka - rohkama "spine - vertebra"
1institution, organisation
ran3offshoot, dependencyhaggá - haháran "land - colony", rorbma - rormaran "work - subroutine"
rrá1language ofJáhka - Jáhkarrá "Jáhka person - Jáhkarrá language"
saire1composed fromroaibmi - roaibmisaire "star - constellation", stirgama - stirgamasaire "letter - font"
sti3diminutivevurbeá - vurreásti "ball - bullet"
varra1country ofJáhka - Jáhkavarra "Jáhka person - the country of Jáhkavarra"
vii2liquidmáčos - mášovvii "power - petrol", reaiba - reaivavii "life - semen"
áža1augmentativevuodna - vuodnážá "house - mansion", ovostal - ovostaláža "gun - cannon"
ŋŋá3many (exocentric derivate)mižžá - mižaŋŋá "face - city", urgŋos - urŋoŋŋá "death - catastrophe"

[top]Deverbal nouns

ges1way of doing
in1agent noun, person doingFormed from all three stems.
l2thing doingFormed from all three stems.
ma1single instance of, exhibit of
on2tool used for doing
re1processVery common.
sos1creature associated with
un2result of doingPassive (result of being Xed).

[top]Deadjectival nouns

ila1quality, -ness, -ity
1thing having quality
áha1person having quality
eain3quality, -ness, -ity

[top]Denominal verbs

a1basic verbalising suffix, attaches to the base stem
vva3apply, use
dáma1behave/act like
ssaid1having, possessing
oll2equip with, furnish with, supply

[top]Deverbal verbs

čča3transitive/causative verb
ddja3transitive/causative verb
hki3transitive/causative verb
ii1intransitive/decausative verb
iht2intransitive/decausative verb
ama1intransitive/decausative verb
eaja1mis-, wrongly
ohpa3extremely, excessively, intensively
ihtja1re-, again
čohka2hurting, harming by doing
eaiv2helping by doing
rbi3stop, cease doing
ilbi3continue doing
aski3peter out
vál2wonder if, dubitative, maybe
lii1frequentative, do again and again
lbi3do one by one
god2do a little bit
lv3progressive, doing now; immune to gradation
sp3resultative, have done; immune to gradation
rd3inceptive, beginning to; immune to gradation
ehka3finish doing, to do the end

[top]Deadjectival verbs

hča3make, cause to be, -ify

[top]Denominal adjectives

oa1having, possessing
izá1following, in accordance with
čis2violating, against, un... ful
il2having quality of, -ful
oja1suffused with, full of, totally
is2associated with, -ic, -al
osta3lacking, -less
ohtjá3-ish, slightly like

[top]Deadjectival adjectives

ire1a little, a bit
ga1un-, not, dis-
ohtjá3-ish, slightly like
ohpá3super-, extremely
irva3quite, rather
oŋá3bright, shining, conspicuously

[top]Deverbal adjectives

Note: Many deverbal adjectives are expressed by participles.

sse3fond of doing
dun3averse to doing
šon3impossible to do
šai3easy to do
gas3hard to do

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