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The Lonish Article
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Articles are the primary denominator of a noun in Lonish.
This public article was written by [Deactivated User] on 6 Aug 2016, 18:48.

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Articles are the primary denominator of a noun in Lonish. From an article, one can read just about everything about the noun it is defining, including number and case. Because of this, very rarely will you see a noun in Lonish not accompanied by an article, or a declined noun.

[edit] [top]Zero Adjective

While I will call it an article for all intents and purposes during this.. article, in fact, the Lonish article is nothing but a zero adjective. What this means is that whenever there is no adjective available to describe the noun, Lonish uses "êv", the article. In all other cases, however, you will use an adjective, which conveniently ends in "-êv" (or in some rare cases, "-ôv").
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