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Traentíis iae Biáit óis Caeltet Taaevaes
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Creatures and Beings of Edievian Folklore
This public article was written by argyle, and last updated on 21 Mar 2019, 16:04.

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braeclort: Ban traentíis lis nan mocsur ste dogav. Pem siáe dromaec ui daéis calmon „braeclae“. Ban dori lo tióras alfos iaö ues ban opaelconus scanto caevdoc ti renevdoc nis naobfeltoldáind gamiv cavort. Osasmaman ciíbaor iaö cedran iit ri ed cru ciíboroium. Plerec man aelváird taaeves ful ti paesal ciíboroium elit paéis gaöb naolonos óis aelvard ca obdalgiat braeclúirt.

gascramblen: Ban traentíis tió elit les ban helut cáis aláit ogiérs, fael standaoc, taotsaes padaciél, aren, paöpíit, iae lac. Baran nomúips elit, smonin, ti isbescúips ca coniat siáe craedort ui. Ban tióit flinc iaö nalascaoláins ri ep túid. Aobedáid nes aescaolan fael túid elit, mag man hont armel ti claeg cael aescaolaes hercos ti plescos.

idrat: Droman siâig traentíis dúis sacéis o laomscaot, iaö olemaed ban nasindi geda taliat. Seleman draluniat giávéig lis noban sién aelváird ui. Baodiáoman idráit u cru naoranur ti crunaméis nocub. Retalansiâis do sinde cléis túid lis ban sindi gedáis aelváird ui. Lamamáins laerosiat iae prandaoniat laom do nes drom idrat siáe prandaoniat óis idrat rúig.

olobec: Ab le maec ravac iae lacáit feos les drom do grasland, d'olemaed ep cargéig ti batim aorovradáilt. Am siáen olobec sopet tióit laömales nes slan fael soáirc dóis graslan ol, do langiat ivondrin o tamadot topa ti onio. Aelconan nes ne croan olobecir do vames podofan iaö aelconaen siae sopet ui anael o croaes.


braeclort: Undead, from the old past participle of the verb braeclae, "to walk"; spirits without a physical form (like English ghosts) but are strictly malevolent due to anger/jealousy that was never dealt with in life. They fear copper and will stay away from anything made of it; Edievian homes frequently have small copper plates or disks near the main entryway to keep braeclúirt away.

gascramblen: Tiny creatures responsible for the textures in nature; wood grain, weathering on stones, sand, thorns, etc. They carry small knives, mallets, and/or chisels to carry out their work. They are extremely shy and will not appear near humans. They're generally thought to look like tiny people, but have gray or black skin with a sooty, ashy look.

idrat: Creatures that live between the cracks in tree bark. They are generally unpleasant to deal with, and like to irritate and mess with travelers that stray near their homes. Idráit are often blamed for all sorts of lost items or random breakages. They will be kind to those are are kind to their homes; watering and protecting a tree that is home to an idrat will garner its protection as well.

olobec: A large, often shaggy dog that lives in meadows, normally near rivers or other bodies of water. The olobec has very nourishing drool that falls in puddles as it walks through its meadow, leaving trails of high-growing vegetation or fungus. The phenomenon of 'fairy rings' are thought to be where an olobec has fallen asleep, leaving a large ring of tall grass or other vegetation behind.

gededimanc: Stationary beings, also called 'watchers' (merdéig). They position themselves just within the sphere of vision of whom they observe, often on a fence post, tree branch, or other vantage point that's roughly as tall as a human is. Their actual appearance is unknown, all that can be seen is their reflective eyes in a shadow on their perches. They only move when their subject looks away, and will appear again, stationary, in another spot.
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