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Mholred and Such
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An alternate Earth dreamed up by yours truly
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 10 May 2020, 23:12.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.
Menu 1. Map 2. Continents and Countries
Uh, decided to make a conworld. Why? Cos I can and I want to. Enjoy the following ramblings.

[edit] [top]Continents and Countries

Countries: Astoria, Novinän, Kielmi
Primarily: HEDCs
Predominant religion: Atheists
General climate: Cold, Arctic tundra
Languages spoken:  Grisian, Jizkiellan, Grisian Sign Language, Astoyakese
Notes: Famous as a tourist destination, especially the Astorian Alpine holiday retreats.

Countries: Orkinpria, Mewa Nova, Čunzål
Primarily: MEDCs
Predominant religion: Puaskism
General climate: Wet, temperate
Languages spoken:  Grisian,  Grisian Sign Language,  Old Novinian,  Cavensan
Notes: Čunzål is Mholred's biggest supplier of food, grain, livestock and other crops, making it the only HEDC in Mazča.

Countries: Maropa, Asyurania, Kacara (not currently shown on map)
Primarily: LEDCs
Predominant religion: Monotheistic Puaskism
General climate: Hot, humid
Languages spoken:  Modern Kacarian,  Standard Asyuranian,  Unnamed
Notes: Tempak is considered the least developed and most insignificant of all the continents, though some activists are fighting to save its slowly dwindling culture.

Countries: Shangria, Ogmyeuk
Primarily: HEDCs
Predominant religion: Ategora
General climate: Warm, temperate (similar to Earth's Mediterranean climate)
Languages spoken:  Hosul,  Pashanga,  Greater Shangrian
Notes: Like Œvenka, countries in Domhin (especially Ogmyeuk) are tourist attractions, primarily due to the rich culture of cuisine and cooking.
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